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December 14, 2009


pam aries

Bonjour my dearie! That pen looks luscious! You could write million dollar checks with it! how is all that snow? Love and happiness! Pamelammmaammma

Tara Bradford

Thank you for the lovely mention! You are going to love, love, love Jordan! That pen is gorgeous - just made for you. Thanks for the link to Steve's blog. Hope you manage to get all your shopping accomplished today! xoxox


I love this -- a little of this and a little of that, and places to check out -- *sigh* -- totally perfect for this dismal looking day.

Clementines..do not get me started!!! I had the same experience...checked the box and soon after it was home I could "smell" it, that rotting smell of moldy fruit..and yes, bottom of the box and the thing was "stuck" there...cripes! You know what? It was disgusting!!! lol!!!

Off to finish the post card I'm making you!! xoxox


Hi! I've been reading your blog but not leaving a comment and suddenly you find my blog and leave a comment... Thanks!! ;) Love your blog and am so glad I found it through Sherry Lee! Will be back often and especially tomorrow to look at your favorite ornament!! :) Silke


I like handmade people too.

Gillian daSilva



Hola! What a wonderful pen. He made it? Wow, awesome. I like Clementines. We have so many oranges, tangerines, lemons from our tree and they are all going and have been going to friends and relatives. I like the way you post, always something interesting and enticing. By the way, I like RDJ for that reason too. hehehe

Steve Kubien

The father-son picture on the blog you linked to is simply fantastic...Real pride and emotion (happiness) there. Love it.

Spread the sunshine and happiness!


I adore that pen!!! Thank you for linking to that blog - indeed VERY funny.

Account Deleted

oh my darling clementine
you have
a pen and a half there
to write the best story of all time.


with such a pen as that in one hand
some Turkish Delight in the other hand
you could take the World
turn her on her ear.

why don't U?

go on................


Always uplifting to stop by and take it all in for a moment! Thanks for the thoughts, pictures and gratitude :)


i'm not sure what i a like best about this post but certainly that beautiful pen is high on my list. beautiful words today

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