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December 27, 2009



I've always been a fan of Gibran...and this is lovely. Beauty is everywhere, it is where you look and how you look and what you see with your eyes above and beyond what is in front of you.

"one day perhaps I'll be good at what I do"...I think that day is "now". Always.


Loving the new look, the new banner, the new direction of Ms. Gillian. Bright and promising, full of growth and potential! xo


It is especially evident here!
My heart soars.


what a gift we receive when we find beauty everyday in the simplest places, it make my soul sing! Thanks Gillian for sharing with us!Selena

Tara Bradford

That poem is amazingly perfect and your new blog/new look/new focus blends seamlessly. Love, love, love the photo - perfect combo. Beauty is all around us and I'm looking forward to the delights you share here. Love you! xoxox


Whee, everything looks as it should:)
Kahlil Gibran, is someone I would invite to one of those imaginary dinner parties where you can invite anyone you know. I would invite you too of course:)


It's really no surprise that someone so lovely should be able to so capture beauty the way you do. Thanks for not being afraid to morph and continuing to let us see the world through your seemingly-magical eyes.

[ I'll try to get my own links to here updated sometime soon!]

Happy New Blog! :D


Lovely quotes and journal
Love Jeanne


I've found you, and I've bookmarked you, never to be lost again! I could probably use some of that sage to smudge around. And I'm looking for the perfect post card. xoxoxo

Gillian daSilva

I'm one to talk about updating links! I've been leaving my new address all over town here, and not linking in with my Typepad profile. So my name links to my old blog. Duh!!! Thank goodness for good friends who point out these things. xo
Love ya Greggy!


beautiful words! thanks for stopping by my blog sacred lotus. hope the new year brings wonderful things!

Steve Kubien

To be honest, I am pretty dense when it comes to poetry. I rarely "get it". However, what I think you are getting at is that you are going to write and shot that what you think is beautiful. Sounds good to me, especially since I am always trying to create beautiful things. I am excited about this direction you are taking and glad to be along for the ride.

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

I need to come by and visit your blog more..Anais and Khalil are among my favorites (along with Neruda)..They have a way of expressing the truth in such an appealing way:)

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