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December 30, 2009



i hope all the greatness you seek comes to you in 2010. greatness is a worthy resolution indeed.

happy new year!


Here is to greatness! I raise a glass of cheer (okay, I will tomorrow night, it's a little early in the day, even for me!! lol!!) to these thoughts of yours.

Keeping things simple, and not overstretching our limits...opens the doors to greatness, to being filled and fulfilled in those moments that count. I'm with you on that!

I went to Maithri's blog and loved what I read there. Truly powerful and poignant. A message well worth being reminded of.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful, promising, and delightful new year. I think you have much ahead to rejoice about!

Steve Kubien

Better to do one or two things with greatness, than to try to do a million half-heartedly.

How very Zen of you! Amen to that. Too many people are trying to do too many things too quickly (I think the root of this comes from the invention of the microwave oven). In the words of one of the greatest sages of our times, "Life moves pretty fast. If youdon't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it."

So let's hear it for your greatness and all of those you inspire.

Happy 2010!

Account Deleted

just popped in for a fresh printing!


then i am Off to do this--->
Shake things up
and get off course ♥ and
explore a horizon I've not seen.

thanks ever-so for the inspiration, missy!

PS-- i am Greatly excited about 2010!

might your new horizon
rhyme with 'Borden'

Tara Bradford

Greatness, yes - you've already charted the map! Looking forward to greatness galore in 2010! xoxox

Gillian daSilva

If I am navigator, then you are certainly Captain.

*tink*! to many more adventures, local & global!!! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

*oh* I know the answer to this one!!!
thank you for the postcard today, you glittery gal you xoxo

Grey Street Girl

What a great word for 2010! Cheers to GREATNESS!!!

Red Easel

Oh, how beautifully written. You made me stop and reflect on the many balls I am juggling and how I feel as if none are given the attention that they deserve. Such is "Jack of all trades and master of none." My biggest problem in life has been taking on too much - doing too much - and enjoying so many different things that I find it difficult to resolve to focus entirely on one thing. Thank you for your words and your post - now to decide at what I wish to aim for Greatness. That is the question.

Personally speaking at "RaisinToast"
Professionally speaking at "Red Easel"


I love your big, bold declaration. Greatness indeed. I think we probably all need to borrow a bit of your boldness and declare our own pursuit of greatness. Happy, happy new year, my friend.


You already are!


Paula Bogdan

What an absolutely perfect word! I found you via Sherry's blog, and I've been back here several times now. I plan to be a regular. I'm still struggling a bit with my word for 2010, but I'm almost there!


I am squeezing you via cyber and wishing you all the best Golden child!


Yoo Hoo Gillian I'm here! One last stop before I head out for a complete renewal in 2010 ..Surgery to remove my
spleen Jan 5th. I wish for you moving forward that you find Greatness in all that you do. May the New Year fill your heart with all the Joys that you deserve.
cheers aNNa xo

Dinners & Dreams

I like your blog. I found you on Maryam's blog. Happy New Year!



greatness! i love it!
happy new year!


Hi, Gillian! Happy New Year! Your ideas for 2010 are dazzling. I wish you much joy as you journey this year and look forward to sharing more creativity. I plan on sharing my own New Year post this weekend. Wishing you dreams come true, and more, my friend. :o) ((HUGS))

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