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December 21, 2009



You had me at coconut birthday cake, food of the gods... and those were the first three words. I didn't know you could get candles with colored flames. How magical is that? Mine would look like a prairie fire on a gumdrop farm. Or something.

You have an affinity for couches, your grace.

Doctors Without Borders is a good org.

Tara Bradford

The cake looks fabulous! Don't stress; the important things will get done and everything else can fall by the wayside for another day! So many good causes out there, many no doubt in your own community! Or there's the global Doctors without Borders (Medicins sans Frontieres) or Jen Lemen's collecting funds for a family in Rwanda (I tweeted about it). Love you to the moon and back! xoxoxxoxox


You've been given some great ideas already. I'm your average Sally Ann girl...whenever I see a bucket I drop something in -- sometimes it's coins, sometimes it's bills -- whatever I happen to have on hand. I have no idea how much I end up giving but as we get closer to the day, like this week, my donation increases quite a bit!

No stressing...not allowed. Breathe deeply and remember...what you've said above is really all that matters.


Hi Gilly...this year, a family we know has fallen on hard times, so my family has decided to fill a Santa Sack with gifts and goodies and gift cards and drop it all off anonymously at their house on Tuesday night...everything wrapped and tagged "From Santa"...my daughter even baked 2 dozen cookies for them so they'd have some to leave for Santa! The earnestness with which my kids have worked to help with this project has made me a VERY proud momma!

Love you to pieces!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



I made my annual donations to Alternatives For Girls, a local charity that helps at-risk girls get off the streets, and to Children Of The Night, a similar organization based on the west coast. It may not be much, but it's important to me to give something each year!


I alternate, sometimes it's Covenant House, or Doctors without Borders...this year it is the Salvation Army.
There are so many in need out there, not just at Christmas but all year.
love you..

Steve Kubien

Gillian, you already helped out Sick Kids Hospital Foundation by doing some of your shopping with me! Hey, every little bit helps.

Oh, and about the "breathers"...does that include the mouth-breathers who drool? Hey, I was just wondering.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

I donate to local animal shelters and Central Asia Institute (ikat.org) ala 3 Cups of Tea/ Greg Mortenson. Educating girls strikes deep in my heart.

You there, slightly north of me, have a fabulous Christmas. I WILL see you next year.


Grey Street Girl

Mmmmm... coconut cake!

There's a dog rescue group here in Nashville who rescued a sweet dog who got seriously injured. I helped pay the vet bills. I'm a sucker for dogs in need.

Kim Mailhot

Hi Gillian ! I hope that the hearts and love of those great peeps in your life fill you up so the stress can't get ya!
David and I usually give to children's charities around this time of year. I saw this one Patti Digh's Facebook page yesterday and it broke my heart. This may be somewhere you would like to give, especially in prayers. It makes me hold those precious to me ven closer in gratitude.
Wishing youthe coziest of holidays !


good advice for everyone.


Take time for those quiet moments. I donate to Heifer because it helps improve the standard of a persons life forever being able to raise animals and start small businesses. There are so many needs in the world, I am sure you will find a special one.


That was a new Christmas song for me. Not sure I love it, but I did love their voices. I have to hear more. Thanks for the link.

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