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December 16, 2009


Paris Parfait

Ha ha! You are hilarious. Thank you for the wonderful kudos and yummy cupcake, but my birthday was in September! Let's run away and join the circus, shall we? Vanessa should be there too.

Happy Birthday to Lisa and Nicole, too! I'm presuming they have actual December birthdays. :) Silly girl - glad you're getting lovely postcards and visits.

Have a glass of wine for me tonight. xoxox


One cupcake for each birthday -- delicious!!

I'm sorry the dinner burned, but even Emeril has his off days, right??

And it was glorious to meet you this morning...totally started my day on the most positive note...a sunny smile, a vivacious personality -- everything I expected you would be -- and you are more!

Looking forward to seeing all the postcards when your little project has been put together (I put mine in the mail this morning -- yes, I know, I could have brought it with me, but it's just so much more fun when something arrives in the mail!)!

We'll pick a date for the Distillery and chai and talking and laughter -- and you'll be part of the rockette experience when I bring you a rock to choose!! xo

Gillian daSilva

it is one of those days

maybe I should run away with the gypsies and drink wine forevah!!!
funny...i know you are a September baby. what is my brain problem today???

Lisa Swifka

Thank you darling Gill....your words always carry such an impact and your friendship a true gift!!!


Birthday wishes are the best any day of the year. I sing happy birthday to my family even if their birthdays were months away. And 3 is a very good number.

I hope you receive many postcards that delight your heart. And pink typewrites are the best too!


First time visiting, and I have to say that anyone who writes about grace is alright in my book, and not just because my youngest daughter's middle name is Grace.

I hope you enjoy good snowy times up in Ontario, while we wait in terror of "measurable" snow, here in Washington, DC for this weekend.

Peace Be With You


pink typewriter???

love the very idea of it :D

more so bcos m so stuck at work today n wishng dat my amazing run wid poetry will continue in near future!!!


Cupcakes... LOVE cupcakes! And love anything pink, a pink typewriter would be grand. Postcards, photography... musts too... Oh, yes! Happy Days to you, Gillian and your friends :o) ((HUGS))

Kim Mailhot

Lots of sweet bits here, Gillian! Life is so sweet, isn't it ? Those cupcakes look divine, by the way !
Happy Thursday ! Stay cozy !


this is a wonderful post! i feel like a school girl giggling at all the love here.
pink typewriters, lovely sherry...and all the other colorful parts of this post.

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