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November 03, 2009



Oh, that sounds like fun, Gillian... Be safe and have heaps of fun! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Paris Parfait

Waving my magic Obama flag at you that it's everything you hope and more. Can't wait to see your photos and hear about your adventures! xoxox

Account Deleted

greeeeeat photos up there, missy!
happy fun*time in California.

so happy am i
2 know
you will B sharing this adventure
upon your return...


{{be sure to wear some flowers
in your hair!}}


Have a safe and wonderful time! : )

Wayfaring Wanderer

Woot! Woot! Say hi for me :D


Enjoy every moment...and please...no channeling of Thelma and Louise in that mustang!!! :)


Oh how fabulous!!!!! Enjoy sweet Gilly!!!!


have a smashing trip! and BTW your dad's art is incredibly beautiful, so full of soul and colour.


To say I'm jealous and wish I were joining you would be an understatement! Enjoy the beauty of CA...and yes, I will check out your papi's blog! :)


Have a delightful, fun filled road trip!


Have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see the photos you come back with!! xo

Samosas for One

Sweet! Have fun!

Steve Kubien

I would love to visit northern Cal, but mostly to shop for wood. Have a great road trip and there better be some nice pics of trees (redwoods would be nice, thank you for asking!).

Gillian daSilva

You got it Steve! Will do. I love the redwoods. Not sure if there are any in L.A. though! Maybe we will drive a bit south to Laguna Beach...if so maybe driftwood? lol

robin bird

road trips are the best thing for girls to re-awaken their teenager selves again (in a good way:) have great fun!!
your dad's work is beautiful!


Am envying your wonderful road trip. And the fact that you have such a terrific relationship with your sister in law. What a blessing. Have fun, fun, fun!

And, oh my! Those images above. Please, please tell me about them.


Sounds like a fun trip, enjoy. I'll stop by your Dad's blog.
Take care.

devil mood

Happy trip and happy shooting! You'll come back with some stunning photos, that's a given :)


Have a great time in California Gillian!
Just know you will!
Hugs and love,


you have a new hair colour!!! perfect for california.


have fun!!!


I spent a day at Venice Beach once. Amusing and fun. Almost like hippie days never stopped. Don't swim in the water tho. You don't want to know why. Have fun and be careful! Wow.......two chicks in a Mustang! Is it red? xoxoxoxoxo

pam aries

Dang Gal..I did not know you were going! Have blast! Yuo are a very rich woman. THat pic of you keeps cracking me up...thought of you at the vino tasting the other night.


Love the beachy towns and vibes but those freeways ARGH! Hope you get to JP Getty Museum. Muah muah


oh, i can't wait to see the photos!

Gillian daSilva

Yes Judie...Yes it was...CANDY APPLE RED!!!
Top down, blasting down the number one highway. Experiences matter, don't they?

Gillian daSilva

Museums,,,oh yes! Getty is lovely but no time...had to create my own LIFE ART by living.
Love to linger and browse but must hit the pedal to the metal and cruise down the freeway of life.
Hare Krishnas chanted with me in Laguna, gifting us with booklets and blessings.

I know you get it, Gemmy poo.


Hope you are having an *amazing* time, darling G.


Hi Gillian!

Just left a little note on your dad's blog. You proud daughter :)

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