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November 29, 2009



woo hoo! a giveaway huh? I think i'll join in with your fun idea, but sometimes i cant help but talk more so we'll see if it works out :)


That Dickens quote hits me where I live. It is EXACTLY what I have been thinking about. Thanks, my friend, for this, and for being your sparkling self. xoxo Gigi


So glad to have been directed to your Sweet Indigo Life!! Your views, musings and reflections are refreshing, poetic and always straight-to-the-heart of the matter. oox

Karen Salva

what a fabulous idea...and i LOVE this photo soooooooooo much!!!!

oh...you are inspired and an inspiration as well....so happy to 'know' you!



I am thankful for indigo holiday lights, soft cats to cuddle, and pumpkin pie for breakfast. Put me in your hat of wonders. . .thanks!

Gillian daSilva

just log in so I can find you if you win xo


all you need is .. green. ;)

i am thankful for egg nog lattes, furry puppies, and love.

Preeti Shenoy

Your posts themselves are a treat! Givaways are the icing on the already delicious cake :)

Loved this photo and the caption.

Three things I am grateful for

Ability to appreciate colours
Ability to paint
Ability to immerse myself into art so much that nothing else matters :-) (at least till the time my phone alarm rings reminding me to go and pick up my daughter from school) :-)



Very exciting, Gillian... count me in the fun! This is such a sweet time of year... I go misty-eyed all the time. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


I never win anything...but I'm posting anyway...happy 200!


Color, Cookies, and Clouds


hi ho, hello! I am grateful for yellow, red and blue!
The starving artist in me satisfied:) Fun title

pam aries

I am loving the photo! very clever and creative...something only a very wealthy woman would have,,heheh. Dee -lisicious


Gillian, THIS photo is incredible!!!

primarily wonderful

please put my name in your hat



what a beautiful idea. i will play along when i can. gratitude is always a good thing. i am thankful for seasons, nutmeg and easy meals. take care *


thankful for you being the icing on my cupcake!
grilled cheese
and christmas stockings for doggies.


I absolutely love this photograph! And that man's voice...his voice is a gift from God.

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