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November 01, 2009



Very cool about the fox, Gillian!

You WOULD be close to Mexico if not for us pesky Americans hogging the in-between. ;-)

Happy Dio de los Muertos


Happy All Souls day! Long may they live in our memories (and where ever else they might be:)
A fox! I love their tails, so big in comparison to their wee bodies. Usually it is coyotes one sees.


What a treat to have an encounter with the fox.

Happy Dio de los Muertos

Account Deleted


i ADORE how you used
somepinkflowers over here!


just put up my posting
and NOW
am going now to follow your link
for frida cantrinas
{{ how like you to know about them }}

listen, the fox encounter--->
indicates trickery afoot

LOOK around--->
over here at my house that usually means
SOMETHING is really NOT low in calories,
NOT sugar0free!

i am just saying.
read those labels.

Stephanie Hilvitz

oh yeah...these sweet calaveras, what a lovely gang you have gathered!!


Stephanie Bennett

There are few things that touch me more deeply than a sweet close encounter with animals. They are such elevated souls.


HA! How fun! Thanks for the links. Your calaveras are really festive. sequins!!!

Rhonda Roo

LOVE your lolli-skelly sequined gals! True catrinas! This was a wealth of information, and i can totally relate-no marigolds in sight!

And a fox-it must be good omen. Indeed, I would be honored too!

Have a lovely day!


So charming and lovely and just right for the season!
love your blog!


Stopping by to say Happy dia de los muertos to you!


happy dia de muertos to you too!

thank you for the links and the divine inspiration gillian- love your sugar skulls!

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! One of these times we're just going to all have to make a visit to Mexico this time of the year. Surround ourselves with Marigolds,lemons limes, sugar cane,beautiful landscapes, great food and wonderful company.Today I brought out my pictures from Mexico (a few years back) when my son asked what Mexico was. I'd love to take him there as it's a very special place and his fathers ancestors came from there. Anyhow, I'm rambling~I love all of the things you mentioned related to el Dia de los Muertos.
Thank you for sharing:)

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

p.s.love the skeleton lollipops! We're making skelly jellies tonight (jello and skeleton molds..) :)

susanna's sketchbook

Happy Dia de los Muertos, too, Gillian! Yes, I'd agree that you must have had an encounter with the spirit world when face-to-face with that fox. I wonder what the meaning behind that would be?

karen cole

...and a happy one to you as well, Gillian. Looking as beautiful as ever in your photo, I must say.

Thanks for all of the info.

rachel whetzel

LOVE this idea!! I'm not near or in the right climate for good marigolds either... I settled for fake ones.


What does the Fox totem represent?


I love it all. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week.


Thank you for the fox story - that reminded me of the encounter I had with an owl the night before last. I didn't put two and two together until just this moment - that this is only one of a series of owl events in my life lately. I think I need to "ponder the signifigance". Hmmmm....


Such fun, Gillian...and love the glittery, festive skelton lollipops! Happy Dio de los Muertos The fox made for an extra special moment during your celebrations...beautiful! Happy Day, Gillian :o) ((HUGS))

Gillian daSilva

Hi Anu xo
It is my late maternal Grandmothers totem animal. xox

Paris Parfait

Unfortunately this passed with hardly any notice here, as I had guests from London all weekend. Thanks for the fab links! I love Christine's dolls and am pleased to have a few here. Hope you had a fantastic celebration! xoxox


What a colorful celebration! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for your nice comment on my DIA post. I appreciate it and thank you for following me. I shall, you too. :D Take care and have a great week.


blessings to all the colorful souls.

A Fanciful Twist

Well, one day you'll be around this neck of the woods, eating all the mexican food you want and dancing that the all souls' parade!! xoxo

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