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November 24, 2009


Dharma in the Garden

My true friends are few and also very far away but your message reminds me of the importance of friendship and how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

Gillian daSilva

In a hurry so I went to peek at your site, wow, small world. Abraham-Hicks is wonderful!! I'll visit again but thank you for commenting. xo


A beautiful post on a day where reflecting is such a wonderful thing to do.


I have been thinking about friendship this week too. I need to tend that garden better than I have for awhile.

Thanks! Great post.


A very good checklist and words so true...friendship, when healthy and flourishing...is such a gift, immeasureable and priceless! xo


bloom when they are around you

I read that and thought, "Oh. OH! I have a friend like that."

Thank you for this.

nicole yaworski-ulloa

Gillian, I am so happy that we have rekindled our friendship after all of these years. (I can't believe that you have kept all of those letters!) This post brought tears to my eyes, and filled my heart with love...Squish! Thank you for being a treasured gift, an inspiration, and my cherished friend. I love you. xo


I love this psot Gillian!


sweet words from a sweet girl. thank you. xo

Preeti Shenoy

Very nice post.
I am blessed to have a few true friends in my life.
And you are so right about letting go friendships gracefully too.
The points you brought out are so valid. I am tweeting this post :)
Cheers and warmth


what a wonderful...WONDERFUL post.


Very sweet words. And an all-too important reminder of what we need to prioritize in this life!

Lil Red

Your wishes are beautiful, my friend, and I so needed to hear the last part of your message. I just let a friend go yesterday (BELIEVE IT OR NOT!)...not far, not forever, but just not so close. I feel free and right about the decision. Thank you for helping me feel I made the right choice. I know I did! :)

¡Salud, Chica!



What God plants, we water and feed. You’re my only frangipani, a friend for all seasons.

Gillian daSilva

Aw. Honoured, to say the VERY least.
Emailing you tomorrow. The Diablo is making me sketchy ;)


Beautifully put, Gillian... A true friend is a gift a to be very thankful for. Friendships must be nurtured tenderly for them to grow. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))


Lovely post. Thanks for the reminder to tend our garden of friendships.


beautifully put. i must water my garden.


Sprinkle sprinkle love in your garden.


i am so teary reading this.
i respect friendship and hold it in my heart, right next to the most high.
ya mean the world to me.

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