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November 15, 2009


Samosas for One

Your trip looks like so much fun. My random thoughts at this late hour are: You should totally get a skateboard, but PLEASE do not get that skateboard scotter thing that adults use. That is lame! Glee is so cute. You can watch it on fox.com. Have you ever that Chuck Norris website with the list of all the things CN? There was once an episode many years ago of the Real World or Road Rules on MTV where this woman gets a Kermit the Frog tattooed on stomach and then one of her castmates tells her if she ever gets pregnant Kermit will get all stretched out. EWWW!


Seems like a delightful trip.



great pictures....I just returned from central/northern California...what fun.


What a feast of fun and plenty, Gillian..WOW! Thanks you for taking us along... It looks so beautiful there! :o)


You girls rocked the place!! I see now where the lucsious grapefruit photos came from!

What a life! crusing hwy 1 in a red mustang!!! awesome...



You have the coolest name ever! Just a spontaneous observation. It sounds like a book character.


What a trip! The food, the car! Wonderful! And yes, power to the people! : )


Loved your trip to So. Cal. There is such an energy there that I don't feel anywhere else. Now I wouldn't mind hanging out at the skate park too.

Tara Bradford

Oh I loved this, dearest Gill! Fantastic photos and great tales of your fun times! xoxox


all I can think of is the Beach Boys...and we'll have fun, fun, fun til your daddy takes the t-bird away.

may your t-bird always be with you


What a coolio shot of the skateboy at the skatepark! Vroom! Speaking of vroom - isn't the Mustang fun? As muscle cars go, it's the best - and surprisingly easy to live with.

Hey I saw TWO stahs - those celebs at C'est La Vie. No, not restaurant staff! Although that waitress looks a lot like Michael Rapaport.

I think I could live in a garage like that.

Gillian daSilva

Jeaux, thank you sunshine. I liked that shot too, so it ranked first.
Speaking of vroom alright, oh the Mustang! Jeaux, what a great car. It hugs the road...and guts! I could pass! And it was leather inside with a kick butt sound system. We really enjoyed that car.
Thank you for STAHspotting, you're a doll.
The garage yes, well, that is entirely another story.
Love you!! xo


I had to come all the way back here to find a post where I hadn't already left a comment. Anyway... I wanted to stop by tonight and wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is bound to be crazy and I didn't want the holiday to pass without me wishing you the happiest, most delicious Thanksgiving ever.

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