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November 15, 2009


Tara Bradford

Gorgeous photo and you're so right about love. Im the grand scheme of things, that's all that matters. Love you! xoxox


love, love, love....
Yes, it all starts with us.
My b'day is January 8! Winter babies we are:)

Little Red

Beautiful words of hope, encouragement and inspiration. We're here but a short time so why not be supportive, loving and forgiving to each other while we try to get through this thing called life?? I'm so with you on this one, my friend!

God bless...and I will light a candle (or two) and say a prayer for your friends.

PS - Yes, it's la Cubana from Havana...with a new blog. :)


Love your profile pic!!! and you xx


Thinking of your friends and their loss today..


When Patrick lost his brother, he talked about love being the essential condition of the universe; time as we know it is a kind of departure from eternity, the place where our stories are written. We pursue peace and happiness, and it's good to do so. Along the way, crisis happens, and that's what shapes our narratives and the contour of our souls.

The critical thing, as you've suggested Gillian, is our response. How we recover, beyond the hurt, reconcile, and get back to the love speaks to the mettle of our hearts and dedication to embracing the gracious order of the universe in spite of it all. It isn’t easy, and we don’t always succeed. But in the end “all manner of thing will be well.”

I will light a candle.


...and there are times when the only thing we can do is 'leave it all til somebody else lends us a hand.' Maybe God planned it that way.


Lighting a candle today for the eternal light of love to reach everyone.


Too many are "lost" in this way -- they are lost without our being aware of it -- lost in a place we can't imagine. If only. If only we knew or were able to make that difference. Sometimes we see the signs and can make a difference and other times the signs are too well disguised.

I believe in your dream, I believe in love making a difference and I believe that being mindful and more aware of those we love can and will and does make a difference.

I lit candles last night and will light more every night. Beautiful post Gillian.


Oh Gill, I am so sorry. For the friend who succombed to his anguish, and for your friends who are left reeling in the aftermath. As you know, I have lost three loved ones to suicide in my life, so - although no two relationships are exactly the same - I understand much of what they are going through right now. My heart goes out to all involved.

Prayers will be said, and candles will be lit. xoxo

A Fanciful Twist

It's so true. If we can just let go, strip down to what counts and be real, it all gets pretty darned simple and beautiful to boot.

Prayers and candles for your friends friend.

We had such an event in our family, and I have to say, you do wish you could go back and help the person. But really, all you can do is love them, and send them love, for whatever decision a person makes for their own life. I realized that after we lost our loved one... xoxo


Each life dimmed is more sadness for those left to bear. I am sad for your friends today that their friend is gone. So many lost lives this week in the news.


oh my. i'm so sorry gill. how terribly sad. i will light a candle for you guys and say a prayer. beautiful words about your grandmother. chin up. love and light.

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