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November 23, 2009



Sounds indeed like a very stellar day...your list makes me feel cozy inside. I'm feeling in the holiday mood since coming back from the U.S. where they are already in full gear so I'm happy to bring back that feeling (aside from all the joy I bought at Tar-Jay!!).

Congrats on the new business...I'm sure it will be a tremendous success. I will be by -- my eldest (he's nearly 22) likes a fine cigar and I'll find something that will be a perfect addition to his Christmas gift!

Preeti Shenoy

Good luck with the new business!

I am now in the UK. Winters here are so gloomy and liked the way you mention all cheery things on your very positive post!

pam aries

Hi Honey bunny! You are a wild wonderful wealthy woman.


Save me some cookies shugs!

Ella Mental

What a fine way to commence the week, may your new business' harvest be bountiful! xo


congrats on the new venture. i love it!
and your holiday banner, so gorgeous!
i can't wait to put mine up!


Cottage cheese for breakfast. I hadn't thought of that, but it would be good with fruit. I had it last evening with chopped up green peppers, yummm!

Good luck with the new business venture.

Samosas For One

Sounds warm and comfy!


Yes, M&M cookies are my true weakness - enjoy! Can't wait to visit your cigar shop...

soeurs du jour

yippee. i have always been in retail, yearning for the years i owned my gift shop with my sister in law. oh my, what a ball we had back them. pooh pooh i am wishing you a swinging door on that little cigar shop.


Sweet delights, Gillian! "*cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast, and hot TEA*"--That's my favorite breakfast too... a slice of toast too, if I'm extra hungry! ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by for some giveaway fun at my place, if you get a chance! :o)


Notes tucked in lunchboxes are what sweet memories are made of. May you have a steady stream of stellar days dear friend.
Love to you all.

Tara Bradford

A cigar shop?? You are just full of surprises - and ideas! Very impressed. Sounds like all is lovely jubbly in your world. xoxox


So much to make a girl happy!
Congrats on your new venture.
Can't wait to see the "gifts"!!!
Cottage cheese and fruit is very nice.
I eat it too!
Hugs and happy Wednesday!


A few of my favorites for you...

~ hot pink ink pens
~ a great bar of chocolate
~ throwing a hit of a birthday party
~ holding hands with little people
~ purring cats

Happy Tuesday.

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