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October 22, 2009



Sunshine on an autumn day is the best, but I agree the warmth of the sun must be tucked in our pocket to remember on a cold winter day.


What treasures you carry in your pocket today! You must feel like pure magic. I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit today. Your post was a real treat. xoxo

Jason Miles

Love your photo's... and your journal...

Valarie Budayr

The photo really captures that glow of autumn. It's just beautiful. What an incredible gift you were given today. The best gifts are the ones you can carry in pockets.


so beautiful!

pam aries

THere's lots of Sunlight here..hint hint....


oh so beautiful. *


On a Saturday afternoon I can stop in here and be utterly delighted. You add an extra something special to my day.

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