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October 26, 2009



these photos are just breathtaking!!! oh honey, gorgeous!
maybe i can join in on the fun.
: )

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

dear lady in white,

are you free monday november 9th to meet me in niagara on the lake? i do not wish for your turkish delight to grow stale and there is so much to discuss.

what say you?



What a beautiful use of sugar!! ♥

Gillian daSilva

oh my!! what an offer! i will be flying home to L.A. that day, in fact, my SIL and I will be in Buffalo, as we are flying in to Buffalo and driving home from there. we land about dinner time, maybe we should meet for dinner?

email me and we'll discuss....i'll be able to respond on wednesday...off work until then....no home email access.....okay???

sounds like a good plan!


Delightful pics as always, you have a lovely whimsical eye:)and WOW, that digital animation!!!!!!!!!!


All this white is brilliant!! Will be back for a dose of yellow....



hi sweets! posted my white for today!

Gillian daSilva

oh good! I'll go see...!! xo

my castle in spain

Lovely sweet white tribute...love the heart..!
Enjoy your color week, gorgeous!!


oh this is sooo beautiful! and thank you so much for the link to the sand artist. wow. that is so phenomenal. i'm very inspired. thank you. have a beautiful day! *


Love your sweet Sugar Heart Gillian and all of your black and white accouterments in your life! What a great combo!!

A Fanciful Twist

I love love love white. It is bliss. It is pure and sweet and has secrets in the depths of its effect.. Fresh, free, cool snow, warm sun.... Bright and white, grainy and sprinkling...

YOu are so inspiring Gilly love! xoxox

pam aries

Ohh! This will be a fun romp through colors! I adore your photos. I love the lotus pic you sent me..it would be perfect gor your white day!


white. i have always said i am afraid of white, that it makes me nervous. lately, not so much. i am seeing it differently. if you really are going off to niagara on the lake, you should call kath!! it is her home town.


Beautiful whites, beautiful textures and shapes!! xo


steal my heart with the kitchenaid. My favourite gadget ever!

we can throw in the sugar and make something tasty.

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