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October 24, 2009


soeurs du jour

I don't think red or white really matters ... I think a cab merlot would be lovely. As a matter of fact, I'm waiting impatiently to go pick Barry up at the theatre so that we can come home and eat shepherd's pie and drink cabernet sauvignon. xoxo


lol...if fish don't drink, then why do we say "he drinks like a fish"??? :)

Your apps sound gorgeous....good food, good company, good wine...sounds like you are in for a fab evening!


They don't have to drink your wine with the meal, it can be saved for another occasion perhaps?
As long as it isn't a very mild tasting fish, but something a little more robust, I think it would be fine. Besides it's all a matter of taste, I drink red wine with everything these days.
Enjoy your meal..

Sometimes Saintly Nick

Uh, do you want to come to my house for dinner and bring such delicious soundings eats?

pam aries

First..what does that mean..Bob's your uncle? hah! Usually a white such as a nice Pinot Gris or Sav Blanc goes great with fish.. but hey...who cares..it's WINE!


Mmm...sounds like you are all in for a terrific night in with friends. The baked brie with figs sounds delicious!

Paris Parfait

Absolutely you can serve Merlot with fish; even the wine snobs here do so. :) No doubt you enjoyed a fabulous meal! xoxox


Figs on the brie - great idea! Glad to have contributed to a great night with friends. Cheers and have a wonderful Sunday!


Anything goes really--as long as the food and company are good, the wine always tastes good too! I like white wines with most seafood, but a soft red from Puglia or Valpolicella regions of Italy pair very nicely with pasts dishes featuring seafood, paella or tomato-y base seafood dishes... Gosh, I feel so hungry now! LOL! Hope you had a fab evening wiht your friend. Happy weekend, Gillian ((HUGS))


I hope the dinner party was lovely. Your appetizers sound just divine.

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