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September 07, 2009



love your dragonfly and the thought of a new beginning in the autumn, i've been feeling autumn is a waning of the past, but haven't yet seen what the new beginning is...maybe i just need to look

Gillian daSilva

yes, agreed
however...for me it is the start of school, the start of a new season, a time to throw the windows open again to feel the crisper air, a time to pull sweaters out and boots...all the things that begin again with each autumn. Maple sugar, apples, corn, tomatos...all of it ripe with flavour.

Tara Bradford

Lovely photo and autumn is my fave season. Your bike ride sounds like fun! As for the e-course, can't get it to open on my computer; must figure out the problem. xoxox


How lovely to find a neighborhood so special. Muffins and canning tomatoes, my how wonderful. I am so happy for you.

Gillian daSilva

oh dear! and wouldn't you know it, FOUR large jars of tomatoes arrived not minutes ago :)

Four seems to be the magic number!

Gillian daSilva

Thank you!~
I hope you figure out the problem. Let me know if you want me to email you the content. xo


amazing dragonfly shot. i just love dragonflies. the beams of light are precious.


Ooh, this almost inspires me out of my canning rut! After one big canning blitz I haven't been able to get in the mood again. Consequently I've been trying to eat up everything in the garden so there won't be anything left to can!


i love the dragonfly!

hope you enjoy your last day of vacation! :)


Happy new beginnings! Each new season brings those feelings to me...

Had a wonderful trip with Elizabeth and Susanna..you would love them both!

pam aries

Hola my wealthy friend... your riches are piling up!

Jasmine Esbach

Hello..came across your blog today.Its lovely & inspiring!


Hi Gillian,
It sounds like you and your family have really found the perfect place to live! SO happy for you!
You're in tomato heaven now!


susanna's sketchbook

Ahhh...this post is a deep breath of air...so relaxing. I agree with Constance, it sounds like you and your family have found the perfect place to live. That great! And it's an added plus to know someone who knows how to can summer vegetables. That's something I would like to learn. And yes, this cooler (not cold, though) weather is refreshing. Hope you had a wonderful day with your little one.


A tomato canning party...I love that! Such joy in this post, Gillian...thank you for sharing...And have a great weekend! :o)


I love dragonflys...my guest bathroom has a shower curtain with dragonflys on it and I love it! I, too, am luck to have thoughtful and sweet neighbours. We are lucky to have them and yours are lucky to have you!


You do know how to savor, my friend. Congratulations on yoru successful move. That takes so much work and time and energy. I am so very glad it is going so well.

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