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September 01, 2009



Hi Gill,
Beautiful Olivia and beautiful tomato! A grand crescendo to the summer's end, a real tomato is! How is your little ones throat?

Hugs to you~


Part time vegetarian is a good thing. I like to do that too. Enjoy the fresh tomatoes. Our tomatoes are almost finished. I will miss them soooo very much.

Bookkeeping is the very worst! I think next week I will have to take two days to get my books in order. Then I can go on vacation with a clear conscious.


Yum! It all sounds so delicious!!! I'm a veggie--it was the greatest decision I ever made 10 years ago. :)


Good morning - I just had to stop by and leave you a note because you have the most wonderfully fabulous blog. I've loved reading your interesting posts, all very creative and great pictures too. What could be more perfect ? Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes...


First, I have to say how much I love this photo. My mouth is actually watering! I agree; one of the best things about late summer is the abundance of gorgeous, jewel-toned tomatoes. I also agree that simple meals are the best. We had a very simple meal of San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, and pasta last night along with a basic tomato and lettuce salad, and icy glasses of water with lime. It couldn't have been better. Hope the bookkeeping wasn't too painful! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

Taking a break from all my duties here to read your comment.wow that dinner
is exactly my lunch today!!! Annnnnd I'm having on my tomato and lettuce
salad some lovely light sweet onion & lime dressing I picked up, hope it's
yummy! I stewed my toms last night with celery and onions so I'm hoping
they taste good with my organic macaroni!!! I love macaroni, then penne,
then linguini...xoxo

pam aries

I have bee na veggie head for 19 years...well, I added fish back into my diet 3 years ago. I gues I am a pescitarian. Tofu is yummy if you season it to the max!You are tofu wealthy!


My sister grows Artichoke plants that are 10 feet high! Love to grill them and make salsa from home grown tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro, served with pasta.
Yeah man!


simple meals. so good.

i am not a vegetarian .. but i basically eat like one. the funny thing is that it seems like it'd be so hard to switch. apparently i just to have the option to eat meat, lol.

Paris Parfait

I love tomatoes; supposedly one of the top ten healthy foods to eat. Lovely photo. And I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies; less meat and carbs. Am buying the chef a new cookbook featuring veggie dishes. Had a great spinach salad for lunch. But then I baked cookies. Not good, especially when no one else is around to eat them! Sigh. xoxox


oh i was just begging, i mean asking, for help (on blog) to learn how to can. i want to can tomatoes, can you help a sister out.? we could do tradesies! you could teach me to can... and i could sent you love letters. fair?

Gillian daSilva

lol! deal!


How many tomatoes have you? I've been tempted to make homemade ketchup on occasion. Did your grandmother make chow chow? I think the recipe calls for green and red tomatoes. "Calls for" heh. I've always loved that. "Hellooo... Gillian... can you bring me some green and red tomatoes, please.."


Dear Gillian,
Hi friend. I'm working on a mock~up for you. So you can see a neater version of the idea I had for you.
Will send in a few days.


Happy Saturday~

Gillian daSilva

Thank you Constance, I'm in a flurry of activity over here with summer
ending and school beginning! I feel rather discombobulated!

I am really looking forward to seeing it, you are a dear! I'll try to
squeeze in a call this week. As soon as my head stops spinning! Xoxo Love

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