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September 12, 2009


Paris Parfait

You deserve nice surprises! Thanks for the mention about the Jordan trip. Sorry to hear about your SIL. Hope she's soon on the mend! Enjoy your week ahead. xoxox


i used to eat my mac and cheese, just like that. and to think, I grew up to be a chef. niiice~ great minds...


I trust this Sunday brought many treasures to you. Thinking of your sis-in-law. Hope she is well. How like you to make a lovely dinner for her.


Sundays are sweet...Sunday is the best day of the week! :o) Mac & cheese with ketchup...that brings back some childhood memories! Hope your SIL is doing ok...ouch...Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Gillian daSilva

I'm afraid they eat it on eggs too! :)

soeurs du jour

i had a twinge when i saw the mac and cheese. i am sure the avocado tuna was delicious and i know i would have liked it but i think tonight a little homemade mac and cheese is in order. with the ketchup.


I wish I could go with all of my heart, but the timing just doesn't work. :(


my youngest sister was just telling me about eating ketchup with mac'n'cheese. i told her that she was odd. she calls my eating choices odd - i have to return the favor! ;)

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