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September 15, 2009



a wise old owl sat on an oak,
the more he saw, the less he spoke..
The less he spoke, the more he heard..
I wish I was like, that wise old bird..

I love this post Blue..and thank you for your sweet wishes and blessings!
peace kai


Beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. I called my 27 yr old happily married daughter, whose favorite movie is "Dirty Dancing," and asked her if she had heard the news. Her reply? "OMG! MOM! I was going to marry him!!" It was as if she were 5 yrs old all over again.


Thank you for sharing this Gillian!
I keep the beating the drum,
for the dance of life!



Wow, SO powerful!!!


Wow, so powerful!!!


A beautiful tribute. A beautiful tribute, indeed.


As others have said, this is a beautiful tribute. I have always loved this passage from Gibran, and I'm glad to be reminded of its power and beauty. xo Gigi


Gillian, this is lovely, I'm so glad I popped over today.
xo Kath


This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man my friend,

Much love and light to you and yours,



Death is so personal to everyone...
so different....

there is also so many ironies
happiness cause they are not in pain anymore, but sad, cause they died
relieve because they are in heaven, sad because they are not here on earth with you
thankful that the pain is spared for them, angry cause you feel the pain

i don't know how anybody get through death without faith...for me knowing where they are/went is magical! Don't we all live our lives now to one day go to heaven?

just looking at death on it's own...


it sucks xx

breathing out...it sounds so negative...and in the light of Patrick and your tribute...this beautiful poem is beautiful...

i would think that this beautiful poem is not just for him...but in honor of everybody else...in need of these words xx

The Lady Prism

Indigo Lady, do you remember me? I was away for long and I so missed reading here. I also missed you. Feels good to see such warm sunny colors and to read pretty words again, yours. :D


These words shake me to the core... Dancing in thanks for this beautiful post, Gillian ((HUGS))


"And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? "
love this line.

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