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August 26, 2009



This post is true magic. I sit in the drive-thru line at my boyfriend's bank & watch the wind blow the tall grasses planted next to the pavement, listen to the swwhhswhhshhswwssh sound; it is mesmerizing. One of my very favorite things - I am so easy to make happy!


What a beautiful post...*sigh*. Summer is fading too soon.


This IS a beautiful post....only a happy person could write something so lovely

pam aries

Ahhh...yes...I am feeling the love and ...RICHness.....


so much beauty!

Paris Parfait

Lovely photos and writing combination, dearest Gill. Sounds like quite the treat! xoxox


Such Beautiful words and pictures my friend...

It feels as though you are gently blowing summer to our hemisphere, where the winter wind still chills the air...

Soft love and wild laughter,



AWESOME and beautiful, both photos and thoughts. A treasure! xoxoxo

soeurs du jour

as you know, i take no convincing that cottage life is the best. beautiful photos. i think there is something special about the summer in ontario. even a rainy one.


Thank you for taking me there.
I needed that.
Unbearably hot in the desert today.


stumbld upon your blog recently...and cant stop reading. i so need a break just like the one you described above. beautiful post and a beautiful blog!
very inspiring

indian yarn

your pictures are so g-or-ge-ous

Gillian daSilva

Your blog features some beautiful photography...I'm a textile junkie. Hope you visit again!


The lush beauty of these photos is glorious, Gillian...you can feel the sand and the sea spray...*sigh*...Happy Weekend to you all :o)

robin bird

i love this post gillian, love the joy, the poetic truth you see. you engage all of my senses in one feel swoop! brilliant!
p.s. i also enjoyed going through your blog list and meeting new creative souls :)


Thanks for this delightful and refreshing account of your sand filled day. Beautiful word images and photos.


i am with you. holding your hand while laughing and in silence. i love this.


You capture brilliantly, the end of summer with your words and photographs Gill, thank you~
Keep have your poetic dreams, both day and night!

graciel @ Evenstar Art

Lush and sweet and gorgeous. Just like you.



I would love to know when your book/poetry are being published?
Oh?! It has been published already? Under whose name? :-)

you have write a book!!! please! xx


not whose name..teehee...

which name are you using...I know...you have a few!!! xx


You are too kind xo


I sit. Wishing, just wishing. Looking for words to tell you how perfect this post is. But.

My bed, she is acallin'.

susanna's sketchbook

Another good post, Gillian. It felt as though I was standing right there beside you, listening to those crickets sing and the long grass sway. You are having a wonderful August, aren't you? :) And your photographs are lovely, too, especially those of the seagull and all the colours of the sand and waves.


So gorgeous! Words and pictures. Deep in the heart of winter, come back to this post and it will fill your heart with summer!


Beautiful pictures!! Autumn is just coming here...

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