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August 19, 2009


Paris Parfait

I had a Coke today too, as it is heatwave time in Paris. But not in a bottle, like your photo. Of course, Coke always tastes best in a bottle!

Not a jelly bean fan, but your holiday plans sound like fun. If only I could have a dream like the one you describe! It's too hot to sleep, much less to dream. Sigh. Why not take a photo of those amazing skies? xoxox

Gillian daSilva

Because didn't I just leave my camera at home today. You know, I'm on my way there now, perhaps I'll snap a shot when I get there~!
Yes, we have quite the heat here too...uncomfortably so.
Before bed tonight, repeat a mantra quietly to yourself until you fall asleep, that you will have the best vivid vast and sweeping epic dream you ever had. Incubate it,baby!


Oh sleep and sweet dreams sounds wonderful....I will wish upon a star that both comes easily to me tonight...lovely photo...makes me thirsty for a coke....espcially a coke in a bottle.

Mary T.

today we have our amazing blue skies with a few clouds and mostly cool temps. A light breeze is wafting through the neighborhood carrying all sorts of pollen on its invisible tendrils, so I'm watching it from the inside as my ears are stuffy and my sinus are aching. But, the dizzyiness is mostly gone so life is good.


this sounds just divine! and your trip...no you must not forget the marshmallows. how about little chocolate to go with them?
your new photo is beautiful, love.

gillian from the sweet indigo life~~~~

thankies Christina xo
if I grab some chocolate, then certainly I'm grabbing graham crackers and makin'...


OH yeah!


My sky is just "HOT". I didn't think I would look forward to fall, but I am beginning to do so. Yummy food for the kiddies and you. That is what is so fun about camping and also sitting by the evening fire. Have fun!


White hot skies, the blue has melted away.

pam aries

I must say..that every single day around here ...is a beautiful sky day. Amazingly gorgeous when the sun sets and paints the sky in different colours and patterns !

Gillian daSilva

J will be in your town in a few weeks...Sept 10. Just letting you know!
Ah I love the skies in Arizona, especially when the sun sets and the land glows red. It makes me happy. xo


My skies today were dark and menacing. But I liked it very much, I am not a rainbow kind of girl. I like extremes, snow, rain, lightning. I am glad you are having a wonderful day and that cake is devine! What talent!


Coke slushie sounds good. Never had one. Lovely hot summer vacation day treat.
That painting reminded me of the town of Giverny/Vernon. I wonder if it was painted near there.
Ah, you paint such a sweet picture of late summer. I am longing to get away for a summer vacation but it is not going to happen. Maybe a night away at a county B&B will slake my thirst.


Coke...mmm...I've not had one in a while--slushie or otherwise. But when I do, it's full sugar...none of those low-cal/no-cal sodas...LOL! This is such a sweet summery post... I hope summer keeps singing her sweet song a little longer...Enjoy! :o)


your new header is divine.

that shot of coke reminds me of the old bottles being delivered to the village store...and the kids running behind the delivery truck to be the first one in line to buy a bottle.

so cool.


Jelly Bellys are the best...pineapple and coconut together with a swig of rum works best for me! ;)

I go through stages where I MUST have a chilled Coke (and I prefer it in a glass bottle). When it's hot and café won't do the trick, a Coca Cola picks me up nicely.

Enjoy the lake, the pajaritos chirping and spending time with your beautiful family. Livin' and lovin', Chica! That's what it's all about. :)


Things go better with Gillian!
Yes! Thank you for sharing your good energy!

Happy late birthday to your nephew. You are blessed to have witnessed a birth and to have had two of your own.

Once I was blessed to see a cat being born and it TRULY blew my mind.

My mom was able to see me being born with mirrors. It made her so happy that I was a girl, that she cried.



I saw a recommendation somewhere to make s'mores with Fudge Stripe cookies. First, because they're good. Second, because you have a ready-made holder (the hole in the middle). :)

I love Jelly Bellies. Watermelon. I used to fill up a giant bag full - and enjoy every single yummy bean.

Birds chirping in the morning, yes. Also owls hooting in the evenings.



i'm unable to begin my day without a Coke!! i'm enjoying your lovely blog and plan to visit often. you definitely have the gift of photography and writing. i especially enjoyed the "sit" post. :o)

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