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August 08, 2009


Tara Bradford

Starry nights are my most favourite thing! And the stars in the desert sky are unlike anything we can see in cities - they seem to stretch out like a blanket over the desert, for miles and miles of twinkling beauty. So excited you're going to be a part of our adventure!

As for your beautiful cosy spa - handmade and personal wins hands down, every time! I wish I could come visit your delectable spa and I will, someday! xoxox

Mary T.

Starry nights are good.

I'm a fan of get it where it is least expensive and will work for a long time. That is what works for me.


i think your spa rooms are probably the most beautifully decorated of them all. :)

Gillian daSilva

These are Saffron's pics, not mine. I'll share my rooms with you guys when they are bedecked and bejewelled!!! xoxo


beautiful! can't wait to see what you do with them. Oh Jordan sounds like a wonderful, amazing, enchanting, adventure.

Gillian daSilva

Come then! Take a small loan, or ask your husband, or sell lemonade but do come! It's open to all.
Suvarna, I know you want to. I want you to! Wouldn't it be great to meet in the Middle East?
Under a starry sky!!!!


Saffron Marigolds Ivy Lace curtain panel speaks to me.
Lighter colors are best here in this heat.It is lovely.
I also prefer homespun,cozy with personal touches under a starry sky.


Homemade and cozy will win every time. I am looking for a duvet cover with those Indian patterns. Will pop over to Saffron Marigold.
Ah starry skies....hard to beat.......


This is cozy indeed. Love all things homemade. I won't give up on hoping to make it to Jordan, with you all. I will wish on each and every star in the sky.


cozy and intimate...no question...

This photo trip to Jordan sounds absolutely amazing!!



I'm with cozy and handmade. Your spa rooms are beautiful and calming. aaaah


No I am dreaming of starry nights and cozy days in your miracle of a spa.

Lisa Oceandreamer

That site has me whirling....I found some panels for my living room I want...white with white design. The kind that move in the breeze when the window is open, nothing heavy, the color coming from other elements in the room. ahhhhh!

Ah yes starry nights...the best viewed when there are no city lights to impede on their sparkle. That trip to Jordan sounds like a trip of a life time, I never for a moment thought you wouldn't go....I see you there and then revealing glimpses of it here over time on your blog.


I love Saffron Marigold, and I have that red bedspread in our guestroom! It makes me happy every time I peek in there .

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