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August 30, 2009



ah you've got me all relaxed now my lids are drooping too. Have a good rest, goodnight.

pam aries

I am lumpy and sappy ! Love the Fray. Have you listened to Patty Griffin's Rain??? I love that song. WEll.. wish you were 'sitting' here in the Everglades with me and Jeaux having coffee on the beach somewhere....with piles of $$$ all around. I need your new address too...


Thank you for making me pause. No, not just pause, stop and breathe. Oh, and Earl Grey is my favorite, too. I'm gonna go make a cup right now. Have a beautiful day. xo

Tara Bradford

Talk about serendipity - am writing a post now in which I mention you and the NYC trip and came by to get your link and found this! (And speaking of NY, have just heard from an old friend there). You are the only person I know who drinks Earl Grey with milk. Must get you more of that tea. Lovely news about Jo and her wedding. And that song is a tear-jerker. Love you! xoxox

Gillian daSilva

Earl Grey is great both ways, with or without milk. Milk & sugar make it very good though.

How nice you heard from an old friend. Enjoy your Sunday Tara! xo

Gillian daSilva

You too have a beautiful day Gigi! Sunday brings so many potentials, I just can't wait. I'm going to be *present* for all of them.

Gillian daSilva

Just a couple of sappy rich girls, huh? LOL
Coffee with you and Joe in the Everglades? Sounds like perfection. xo

Gillian daSilva

Suv~enjoy your Sunday! xo


Chica, this post was like therapy for me. All I needed was for you to dangle a necklace (preferably with a St. Lucy charm on it) and whisper, "You are getting sleepy" and I'd be out like a light.

That song by the Fray is sweet, isn't it? I don't get too emotional over my things, but when it's a family member or a friend that's hurting, I feel it twice as hard. Why is that??

I have chai tea in the house, and there's nothing like relaxing with a hot cup and a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Now that you've put me in the mood, where did I put that Julie & Julia book I just bought...and where is my cabana boy?? A mojito wouldn't hurt. Mint is good for you, ya know. ;)


WHat a lovely post. Contemplative.
Earl Grey reminds me of my mother, who brought a tin of it all the way out to our ranch in Colorado every summer. And speaking of NY...we just returned! What a wonderful trip and time with friends and family.

susanna's sketchbook

Ahhh...yes, deep breaths...must do that more often. I am feeling relaxed now, Gillian. Thank you. Connections with old friends and new friends and neighbors who become true friends make for a life worth living, don't they?


I'm reading this at 11:38 PM.... you got me! I think I'll take camomile...


Relaxing this morning after a very long work week of 12 hour shifts.

Gillian daSilva

omg! That is crazy. You need the rest now. xo

Relyn L.

ahhh.... I feel peaceful just sitting here with you.

Oh yes, I get lumpy. More often I get just plain teary.


Gilly, I'm so glad I stopped by. That chair is so inviting. I hope you don't mind, I already had some coffee in hand, but its a nice blend and soothing. Thanks for the Fray link...what a song.

I'm glad to see you are well. Thanks for helping me shake it out. : )


Yes, I needed the sitting a spell today; so tired. I am looking forward to hopping on the phone in 3 weeks and off to Paris for a holiday and rest. Tea with Tara will definitely be a highlight. I can't wait to meet her. Guess what, I found one more jar of chai applebutter, so in the suitcase it goes.

Now for a rest with feet up.

Gillian daSilva

Oh Marilyn
You will LOVE Tara. LOVE HER.
And lucky you meeting her in Paris, of all luscious places.
Enjoy your holiday...I wish I could join you!


i am loving this. my eye lids are heavy too. : )
thank you for everything, dear friend.

soeurs du jour

i love that feeling, the heavy eye lids, when i am reading. we have made the decision that there will be no television in our new bedroom at our condo. we sleep and read so much more at the lake because there is no tv. beautiful post.


I feel like I have just had a cup of tea and a nice chat. Although it was all one sided, it was lovely and relaxing reading your thoughts and impressions. Always is! I have not been around as much...such is the ebb and flow of life and bloggy visits.

Robin Laws

you are a good writer :) so entertaining, inviting and full of sly humor. this was a very relaxing tea time with you gillian. you celebrate all the good things in life and i appreciate that..the small, the simple, the ordinary beauty of an ordinary day, a moment, an interaction. there is always so much love on your blog! P.S. i am missing my dad terribly and could relate very much to your post on your grand dad. xo to you dearest.

joanna goddard

oh my goodness, for some reason, i had missed this post -- thank you SO much!!! you are so sweet! joannaxo

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