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August 01, 2009


Tara Bradford

Gill, thank you for this beautiful mention of our expedition! We are so excited that you'll be coming with us! Hard to imagine all the fun and adventure - can't wait! xoxox

Tara Bradford

P.S. That photo is dreamy and ethereal! xoxox

Mary T.

I know you'll enjoy it. And it should be warm!


How awesome!

Well if you're gonna Jordan, can you make it to Swaziland too??? Im serious! ;) How about you and your mom make it a mother daughter trip... We've got lions and stuff... lol

Love, M


I love that idea. I'll talk with Mum and see if something like that could happen. I'll email you on Tuesday...I'm away from my computer. Love you!


I'm super excited-words do it no justice.
Another adventure awaits us my friend! xo

susanna's sketchbook

This IS a dream trip, Gillian. The kind of trip that could open eyes, ears, mouth, heart. Life changing. I'd love to go. We'll see if I can work that out for next year. I hope that YOU are able to go, too.

Account Deleted


i find myself
dreaming this dream.....


so love
this ♥


It would be so LOVELY if you could go! J and I already signed up. We are both super excited.


the trip sounds fantastic! i am excited to see your photos!


So exciting. An expedition!
I would LOVE to go, just have to figure out a way to let the Universe help me do it! Petra is a place that has fascinated me since I was a little girl.
It will be a life changing trip, I am sure:)


Oh I wish I could take this adventure, but I already had other adventures committed to. I will so look forward to a full report and pictures. I haven't been able to post on your sights for awhile, but it looks like maybe today it will work. I have been here though.

Gillian daSilva

Anyone who can whip up Chai Applebutter like you can is completely forgiven. And I know. I have stat counters :)
Love you!!!


I have that soaring thrilled feeling inside me, for you!It's exciting you get to go on this fabulous trip!
Touring with a world class photographer,you will learn so much and perhaps tune into some of that ancient Rumi wisdom out there.
Life is indeed very good

Robin Laws

dang girl this is your year for adventures of all kinds! yippee for you going on such a memorable journey with such amazing girl guides! wow! how fun and daring beautiful you!

Randi Gardner

So Tempting... so tempting...

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