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August 15, 2009


Paris Parfait

Dearest Gill, were your ears burning? Because you were the topic of conversation at tonight's dinner party - you, Barry and Barbara and our New York adventure. Planning to see the newlyweds in Oct. in Oxford. Miss you! xoxox


that does sound enjoyable! enjoy!

Cre8Tiva/Rebecca E. Parsons

i heart cherry anything...i miss you,,..hugs, rebecca

Mary T.

Best tea for hot tea in the world! Find the Amaretto non-caffeine tea at www.englishtealeaves.com . Oh, Gill, it is so good and is made from Rooibos which I finally discovered is the root of an African bush with lots of antioxidants and so tasty, did I mention it tastes really Good? Grin


Thanks for the treats you brought back for us from Suckers. It's been years since we were in there..!


It worked...woo-hoo..!


I was a good weekend with friends sitting in the yard, sharing good food and friendship.

soeurs du jour

I'm late to the party, but it was a most excellent weekend spent with margie at the cottage!!!

soeurs du jour

It was a very good weekend, spent that the cottage with margie ....


aloha Gill..
I just visited here and the song ""Tall and tan and young and lovely...the boy from empinima goes walking.."
yeah, definitely a weekend kinda song..
peace, Kai xx


I didn't say it last post, but Kate's my girl, too. Oh how I love her. Which is your favorite of all her movies?

Gillian daSilva

Philadelphia Story!!!!

But oh, I adore her in later films also..On Golden Pond tears me up! Ten
boxes of tissue!!! Maybe eleven!!! xoxo

Gillian daSilva

I thought Amaretto was at the liquor store! Lol

Yes, I heard that about Rooibos too, it makes every cell in your body just
sing! I should invest.keeping my eyes open for that tea.thanks Mary xoxo

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