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August 21, 2009



That really WAS quite some storm!! The colours were incredible...the damage to some areas, not so much. We take a lot for granted with weather, don't we? Enjoy your week!

Paris Parfait

Ah, star anise. And thunderstorms! One of the things I miss about being away from the Southern US is that we don't have real thunderstorms in Paris - thunder and lightning and heavy rain. There's something cleansing about a storm (literally and figuratively). Enjoy your time away - you deserve a lovely break! xoxox


Aloha Gill,
I love the smell of Star anise, I use it in chinese cooking and was first introduced to it in Hawaii..
Fresh air after the storm
Painting peacefully
my puppies (and kittie)
natures messes

peace, Kai


You can't beat a good storm. I love to sit out in the car somewhere quiet and watch the lightning.


I just got back into plums recently and I LOVE them in this weather!! So refreshing and sweeeeet...like you, my friend. I love your pics.

I need to learn my husband's camera so I can post fab photos like you do. I love how you can take a simple object like a Coke bottle and make it pop (no pun intended) out at us, tempting us, and making our mouths water.

I'm glad your power is back. Let me know what you're reading these days...I need to pick up a good book!


Tu amiga, Ily

pam aries

bonjour, mon cheri !!! I cannot wait until you come to Florida..we are going to have such a loverly time!


Hi there, I'm new to your blog. I'm hooked after reading this entry. It's sad how disconnected we are most of the time to our bodies. Sounds like even though there was a storm, you had a peaceful night!!! XO

soeurs du jour

Wasn't it crazy? I had a plum for dessert today too. Last week I was driving to work and I noticed that the trees in the plum orchards looked like they had been decorated for a holiday ... this week, I'm eating those darlings.

Who needed a book recommendation? I'm on a role lately thanks to Margie: Anything by Elizabeth Berg. Revolutionary Road was great and so was Morningside Heights by ... oh I can't remember now, but her name is in my post today.

I love the new look here, by the way.



Love your list of "things" Gill!
Nice storm thoughts!
Like that you are sending your army of angels.
Also that you're learning your camera~


A storm is always a great thing to shake up the soul a little. :o) Army of angels... the power of collective prayer is amazing. May the simple and the extraordinary continue to grace your week in a beautiful way. Happy Days ((HUGS))


I thought maybe this was a chocolate star...beautiful. I love that yellow/green light of a storm, better yet when you are safely tucked into your home.

Savor your week!


Happy travels. Great picture of the star anise.


Thunderstorms are such a good soul cleanser. I feel like they help me clear out, take stock, and just breathe. As you said, you are forced to listen to your body, and perhaps your spirit, too. I hope you have a wonderful week of nothingness!! xo


how soul cleansing. : )

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