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July 22, 2009


Paris Parfait

Lovely green and I do subscribe to the Notes. That guy is going to be in London in September. xoxox


Heart chakra green.
Love tut
and you.


thanks gillian. just what i need.

pam aries

Oh Yes..I have been receiving my TUT Universe messages for a year! Love them! They are gems in my trunk of affirmation jewels! I a m going t os tart affirming a trip t oParis again. I put it on the back burner t o simmer, and now it's time ! I'm feeeelin' it!


Green is my favourite colour.

I can't access TUT from my work computer but will be sure to check it out at home. I love it when the universe speaks.


Lovely greens :-)

devil mood

That sounds absolutely wonderful! I will dive into the website right now.
By the way, I adore green, I even have a t-shirt saying: I heart green (it's green obviously!=


Its always good to read such positive words! :o)


i love those messages. when i wake up in the morning, one of the first things i do is open my email to read the latest one. everything else can wait - but that message always makes me happy. :)

Robin Laws

that is the best love letter i could have imagined! and you always wanted your very own love letter too...and now you have found that the best love can come from yourself. well..the universe and yourself :) lovely and happy and honest and open to love. that's what i hear :)


Dear Gillian,
This post reminds me of looking back at old, old photographs thinking at the time I thought I was fat. But years later. I realized I was normal and fine, just the way I was, but couldn't recognize it. I didn't even appreciate what I had!! Now, I get it! But it is so hard to see one self as the world sees us. It is so interesting, really!
Happy Weekend~


Beautiful Greenest Green Photo! Thank you~

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