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July 27, 2009



Couldn't agree with you more! I feel good in clothing from the past, esp. well made black dresses. Great post!


Tara Bradford

You are so right! Some things are timeless. xoxox


oh so Audrey Hepburn...no? lovely dress and geee thanks for the vintage links...I'm heading to TO in the next week or so and 'Courage My Love' is always on my list..I bought my first vintage piece there 36 years ago!!! Yup.

Mary T.

These are the things I grew up with and I still like them.


Aloha Gill,
You put a smile on my face with this post for two reasons.
1) When I read Vintage is beautiful, I smiled, because I'm Antique (One above vintage..lol)
2) I love smart clothing, timeless and fresh. Women don't wear dresses, put on makeup and look smart just because.. Now we have to have a special occasion. Mind you, this century isn't going at the speed of last century..I prefer the 1950's!! :) Have you ever seen the picture Pleasantville?
Peace, Kai xx


I completely agree! There is much to be said for the timelessness of such a pretty and well made dress.

un mariage au soleil

Gillian, I don't resist vintage dresses ! i think a good tailored 50's dress is so precious...

thank you so much for following my other blog Un mariage au soleil . I actually changed the address because i wanted to dissociate it from My castle in Spain.
Hope you will follow it again!

un mariage au soleil

ah...zut..i don't know how to follow your blog if i don't do facebook?


I totally agree, this is adorable. Who would not feel utterly femenine in this little number? Did you buy it? Oh and I love this new look to your blog!

Gillian daSilva

NO, I wish!
Since I have to pay two mortgages now, and twice the bills $$$ it will have to wait. :)
But a girl can dream xo


So true! A classic.
: )

susanna's sketchbook

Oh maaaaan...those are wonderful shops! Courage My Love brings back soooo many happy memories of my student/20's days. Kensington Market is a jewel of a neighborhood in Toronto. And my sister swears by Cabaret. The owner is so charming and has great taste in music. I'm going to send these links to my sister so we can go on a little day trip together the next time I visit. Thank you, Gillian!

PS: The Value Village on Queen Street E., just west of Carlaw Ave is also a terrific place to score great vintage outfits and home decor. It's just south of what used to be (maybe it still is) the photo district and close to a few film costume and prop houses.

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