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July 21, 2009



u pls tc blue
n i love ur header pic but i wish it had blue too
how is brooklyn doing?
do hug here from my side.


Aloha Blue,
Today I was out in my garden trying to get 5 flats of flowers planted.. my little fingies are sore from digging..lol.
beautiful white flora :) Ty for sharing.
peace, Kai


I bought myself flowers on Saturday morning at the farmers market ... they are still stunning and I loved that they were tied with a piece of twine. I love you new header ... is that your bike?


oh, so sorry about your back! hot water bottle at night. rest. all that. feel better. your flowers are gorgeous. take care *

Gillian daSilva

No! I wish :)
It is a bike I photographed in Greenwich...cute isn't it? My bike is similar though, only it is blue. Of course! xo


i'm glad your back is feeling a little better anyway. :)

i started buying myself flowers this past winter - to ease my winter photographing doldrums and add some color to the very grey days. whenever they gave their last breath, i'd buy new ones. i've kept the habit up since .. i get so much enjoyment out of them that it's well worth it. :)

Tara Bradford

Flowers are always a good thing - and those seem especially hardy! As for your back, hope it's feeling much better today. No fun being a working woman w/ back issues - get one of your spa employees to give you a massage! xoxox


Thank you for the flowers sweet girl. I am sorry about your back. I know how mine gets when after my 12+ shifts at work. Do you do yoga? You might benifit from some stretching.

Her name was Lola

Miracle, indeed! Love the blooms. Love the blog. Found you through Jo.



Oh, I do love that song. Yes, I do buy myself flowers. But not often enough. Next time I go shopping, I'll do just that. And think of you.

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