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July 10, 2009



That is the coolest website ever made! Thanks Gill Maybe L and I will be going somewhere next year! Lets hope he is ok with staying at someones place!
North america Here we come!


oooo must try avacado and tuna..yum....I love that beach...we camped there as a family when I was a kid eons ago. My w/e list consists of walking to the local farmer's market with my pal through the walking paths of Newmarket, reading "Shantaram" while lounging on my patio swing and forging on with knitting - knee socks on 2 circular needles :>). Lovely weekend to all.

Tara Bradford

Ooh, you've changed your look yet again! Lovely. And let's hear it for avocados - so yummy. As for renting apartments, rather than staying in hotels, whenever possible I do this. It's so much more relaxing than a hotel. Enjoy your weekend and the estate sale! xoxox

Account Deleted

Love the avocado, and that's just how I like it too,though when I want to indulge, I whip it with milk and a blob of butter, and some brown sugar to make a gooey dessert! :)

Love your blog!



Enjoy the Beach
Lots to fall in love with there.
I'm heading for the mountains
love that too!

Gillian daSilva

Gem :)
I'll reply to you here. I've been trying for a few days to visit you, but have had no success. :(
I hope you are well, and enjoy those mountains! xo


Sorry about about the bad avocado but
Ecstatic about your journey to California! And nice to know about AirBnb! Cool.
Have a great night~
Happy Night too~


Your November trip in California sounds dreamy. Look forward to hearing all about it this fall. Hope you found treasures at the estate sales over the weekend!


I love avocados!!! That snick sound when you scrape a spoon down the skin to release the flesh. Yum.
I was looking through AirBnB for a NYC rental. Great site and I know what you mean about getting lost in the listings:)

Lisa Swifka

California???? In November??? WHAT? Where in California??????? I'm all a twitter....NO not that twitter.hahahaha Girl, you are a cryptic mystery!!! :)

susanna's sketchbook

Mmmmm....avocados. A favourite sandwich of mine is avocado mixed with salmon with a bit of lemon. Yum!


avocados are truly a good reason for waking up. Like butter, but made from fruit/vegetable/whatever they technically are.

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