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July 08, 2009



coming out of lurking to wave hello and say that i love everything about this post. i love seeing nyc from another's eye and also, cannolis. veniero's on east 11th street is my favorite cannoli in the city. also the ricotta cheesecake.


A very delicious post... thank you for sharing your simple, happy things! I find myself here via Christina's event. You have a beautiful blog!


Hi Friend,
You are a great example of a person that embraces ALL of life's simple pleasures! A gentle no! Yes to that too.
Happy day to you Gillian!



Wonderful catching up with you beautiful world here. Summer is a perfect time for a move...slowly unpacking and feeling out your new home. So sorry to hear of your grandfather and what a lovely sign to find his photo smiling out at you.

happy summer!


Seriously- Bob Marley, Fugees, white fish??? That's So what's up! Amazing combo!

I must say that that evening shot is just gorgeous!! The wet street, the people, the street light reflections. Sheer, love.


Tara Bradford

Oh, I wish I were having dinner at your house! Such lovely things here, as always. And your philosophy about aging is the best! xoxox


Love the new look of your blog! Simple things are the best... Now I am singing, "Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free..."


I am distracted by the thought of a wraparound front porch and a yellow door. *happy sigh*

that evening shot is absolutely gorgeous. street lights and colors look even better when it's raining.

I loved your list!


Beautiful photos Gill. Seriously girl, you leave me hanging every day. Making me want to come back and visit.
A gentle no? I am still struggling with being able to do that. I have way too much Catholic guilt that I can't let go of. Kudos to you for doing so.
Can't wait to see more photos of your NYC trip!

Mary T.

I too am curious about gentle no's. Is this in relation to self? I'm a bit lost on that one, but you sound very happy.


This may sound a bit forward, but I want some of that wonderful fish stew! Yum. I love your list! Thanks so much for sharing it. Your blog is a delight.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

everything about you is always so simply sweet, and my god, delicious!!! mouth watering here, Gillian.

love to you!


Hi Mary! :)
The gentle "no" is exactly that. It is self directed, because I am a YES girl who tries to make the world happy.
No's are very empowering. :)


Sigh, the fish stew must happen tomorrow. Today turned out to be rushed none-the-less so we feasted on pizza and ceasar salad. It was good too however. :)

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