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July 18, 2009



so beautiful, the vision of a random grande jete and that gorgeous photo ... have a beautiful weekend love, xo

Gillian daSilva

hi cutes :)
You too! grand jeteing out the door....have a lovely weekend!

Tara Bradford

So beautiful - the image and your thoughts and suggestions! Great ideas here. And your new banner is fab! Hope you find some lovely things at estate sales. xoxox

Account Deleted


jete, jete, jete!


oh happy day
how this
does come back to me ♥

{{ your photos,
always and without fail,
tell the best stories }}

soeurs du jour

looks whose rockin a new banner now!! love it.


I love all of your suggestions. I feel like spending an afternoon at Books 'n Books sipping mango lemonade and viewing books on Positano, Italy.

Have a weekend like no other. Enjoy it, mi'ja! :)


(PS - Stratton is me, Scarlet, by the way.)

Mary t.

They sound like wonderful past times. Myself, I get a lot out of making tea for a tea party while I study! Having tea with someone who is a friend is just icing on the tea party!


You have my correct blog info in your blog roll, Gill. Though, YPR is now RIP. :)

Lovely words of wisdom in this post. We absolutely must BE the light. Illuminate. ...Shine.


Thankful the audience is optional...as I would rather randomly jete in private.
Sending most sincere love to you all.

Stephanie Hilvitz

That BIKE in your banner...fabulous! Love LOVE "Jete like no one is watching"!!

happiest of weekends to you



Lovely post! Will jete tonight and think of YOU! You are a love!
Gillian, I'll be gone for a few days without my computer.
Will come back when I return.


I think I'll pick four from your list and do them today and tomorrow. That should make for a lovely time.

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