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July 14, 2009


Lisa P

I love your blog. It makes my day...seriously.
Aiden went swimming on Sunday in a pool that was 78 degrees and it was freezing outside. His lips blue, goosebumps all over and shivering. "Are you cold Aiden?" n-n-n-n-o-o-o-o was his response.
My summer song this year is You'll Find a Way by Santogold...it will get you movin' for sure!
have a super day chiquita!


I like this one


Makes me feel fine.

susanna's sketchbook

I was wondering if you were standing by Lake Ontario. Sounds like you are having a good summer, Gillian. Musically, do you know what I'm completely addicted to these days? www.pandora.com. It's a website where you can make up your own radio stations - and for free! And check out this Cat Powers song...so beautiful...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8R0eoGO7Gw


I love that song, too! Definitely one to crank up. It's a good one to play when you're housecleaning. Somehow dusting and scrubbing seem slightly less terrible when there are good tunes playing. I've been listening to White Rabbit's "Percussion Gun" a lot. It's intense and fun. Have a great day!
xo Gigi


Suddenly I see! It also brings me such joy!
Thank you Gillian, for sharing your summer song!

Tara Bradford

Oh yes, a fab song for summer! Hope your estate sales yielded some good finds. As for the identity issue, it's annoying. This often happens on my blog when people say something radical about politics and don't want to be traced. No identity, no published comment, where I'm concerned. Hopefully, no repeat performance for you! Cute photo - am off to check out your Sea to Sky post. xoxox


Ahh, Gilly....your blogs are a beautiful world! Keep writing for us. I was also at the auction house on Sunday and bought a beautiful butter dish. I was at a friend's cottage on the weekend and overheard her saying to her hubby that they didn't have one of those. Now they do. It's lovely a blue and cream. I love your girly, beachy shot dippin your toes in our cold Lake Ontario! Atta girl! So Canadian.

Lois W

The water in the above photo looks so inviting! Summer songs? I have a list of them, but for whatever reason I have been listening to this one lately...


I've got to ck out all the songs recommended here....


Oh my beautiful friend, what a lovely photo!!! You know my lame song for summer is this:


Pam aries

Pretty, flirty skirty! One of my fave SUMMER song is Summertime from Porgy and Bess and also Summer Breeze!

Mary t.

Okay, Blue, I have a sign on and can leave you a note. Spooky with all the phony ID floating about and such, isn't it?

I can't wait to hear all.


Say Hey, Michael Franti & Spearhead. I watch the video almost daily.

I don't mind the cold beach in the summer - because on really hot days, it's such a pleasant change.

Pretty photo!


I love that song too. I'll have to go with my old standard summer song...


So happy you're happily nesting! xoxo

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