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July 28, 2009


pam aries

A loverly teacup! Richly decorated to suit a fine wealthy lady! he h ehe

Paris Parfait

Ha ha! I'm sure that went over well w/ J. I love reading and sometimes historical fiction is quite intriguing. Enjoy! Oh and the bike rides - such fun! xoxox

Account Deleted

oh, very good, that...


have you read ---->

The Birth of Venus: A Novel
by Sarah Dunant

just try getting through the prologue
without reading into the first chapter...

just try ♥


I enjoy historic fiction, I love reading into what may have been...like the snippet of fact behind the Red Tent that lent to a full lush story.

This one sounds intriguing...

I may be taking a bike ride along the High Line canal in NY...more on that later :)


I could've guessed you came from royalty...look at that tea cup (and I bet it's chai in there). I love chai tea; it's good for the soul! :)

Btw, I would love to hear more about that bike ride to Niagara Falls. The falls remind me of my childhood, as we'd visit every year, rain or shine, sun or snow, and I had my most thrilling moment over the horseshoes falls (on a plane).

Anyway, the excerpt you shared sounds suspenseful. Even though you know how it ends, like the movie Titanic, you can still get caught up in the whole thing like you're reading it for the first time.

Enjoy it...and have a peaceful evening, Chiquitica!


Ohh..this book sounds divine! And that tea? Lovely.


I just love those tiny little frogs you saved. I remember seeing lots of them when I was a girl. In fact I used to think it rained little frogs. Everytime a droplet fell a frog jumped up.
You & girls are heroines of this little non-fiction story.


Bringing civility to the English ;) You crack me up...

Much love my friend,



tea and historical fiction...no better combination in my book...


i think the constant princess was one of my favorites of her books. love historical fiction too. or historical non-fiction in general (when it involves things like crusaders or kings or pharoahs ..). when i was little, i think i read every book in the history section of our library about the incas or aztecs or egypt or england or europe .. so much fun. :)

susanna's sketchbook

What a great start to a story. That DOES sound like a good book, Gillian. Must write that one down...

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