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July 19, 2009



Well, I have signed up for a Typepad account, but the link from my name will likely take you nowhere - they won't let me comment using my blogger account. Sigh. Just a note to tell you about my favorite burrito - avocado, bean & bacon. It doesn't get any better!


Happy Sunday morning to you, Gill. Its a lovely day in Chi-town as well. I hope your day unfolds in spectacular fashion, though I wish we were near enough to each other to share a cup o' tea. Here's to the day's adventures...and the right light. xoxo

Mary T.

Ah-ha, it is going to let me do this with no problem! You sound very happy!

Paris Parfait

I wish I had half the energy pouring out of your words! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Gorgeous flowers to boot; you must be doing something right! :) xoxox


Love all the happy here...very infectious! Glad you're having the best days! :o)


Aloha Gill,
I just want to break out with a Nessum Dorma.. but alas, I wasn't given vocal chord that produce a pleasant sound..teehee..
Im glad life is good to you :)
peace, Kai


i am lazy to google, but i am guessing it means something like enchantment (or maybe enjoyment)?

love the happy sunday! mine was happy - it included harry potter. :)


You never fail to make me smile and realize how lovely life is. I tend to get down on things sometimes. Thanks for making me see the beauty again... as always.. such an inspiration you are. I think tomorrow I'll eat toast and drink tea... :)

pam aries

What a perfectly perfect Sunday, my rich friend! I s o enjoy your posts. You are a beautiful person inside and out.When are you coming to FLA?


Know what? That Black Cherry nail polish is the same color as the bike in your wonderful new header.

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