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July 13, 2009


Michelle Dupont

such a beautiful, fresh image and post. A wonderful reminder that life is sweet and that every moment (good and bad) needs to be cherished.
* note to self: i need to spend more time with my dad... xxx


You are an angel :)

soeurs du jour

nothing like family and a new kitchen.

Tara Bradford

Very wise words, my friend. Lovely image too. xoxox

Lois W

Another great photo! I love the way you talk about your parents. Hopefully my children will feel the same.


So true! Have a happy Monday!

Okay, I don't know why typepad won't recognize my google id but I'll comment under the pseudonym @!!#%$#%$#$&%*&&^$$%@. lol


Aha! I figured it out and I didn't have to go running to Duke to do it! Pats self on back! :-)
love, love have a great day!

A Fanciful Twist

I so agree! It is short, it is beautiful, and everything we worry about is meaningless in the end.... I understand your relationship with your parents, I love mine and adore and admire them the same way you do yours. It's beyond words. A gift. xoxo


very nice post


Love the wisdom of these words...and the joy in your image...Seize the moment, and enjoy! Happy Days :o)

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