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July 03, 2009


pam aries

Bonjour Gillian! Sheila told us about your grandfather...I know it is sad. It is good to hear B is better! It's Independence weekend for us here in the Us so fireworks are a rockin" ! Blessings on your new home and I need your new addy when you get a chance!


"interwebs" hahahahaha Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia


Aloha Gillian,
Im glad to hear your Bronwyn is on the mend..poor little tyke.. :) Lots of ice cream helps..
Glad to hear you're settling into your new *HALE* (hawaiian for home/house.) have you given it a name yet? (Brit thing..lol)
Have a great weekend, happy belated Canada day..
peace Kai n Md xx

Tara Bradford

So sorry to hear about your grandfather! What serendipity to find those photos now!

Am glad little Miss B is feeling better. Hope you get your internet access soon! No doubt you're busy getting the house sorted.

Miss you! xoxox


Sorry to hear about your grandad, funny how those little coincidences happen just at the right moment. glad your daughter is feeling better, now she can enjoy her summer. Good luck in the new house!


Ooh, how lovely to find a picture of your Grandad just when you would enjoy it most.
Look forward to pics of your new house, New York and all the bits and bobs you have to share:))
Enjoy the weekend!


Happy 4th of July from down here, south of the border! And congratulations on your new house. Exciting!

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. Yes, finding the photograph of your grandfather seems like a sign from the unseen. He's found you in your new home. :)


i would love to see that picture. i am so sorry about your grandfather.
what a beautiful sign of love- opening that photo box.

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