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June 21, 2009



thanks for the nice comment. I wish you luck with your daughter. :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick

My prayers, of course.

Not to worry: I had my tonsils removed twice.


aww gillian
don't worry, she'll be all right
mothers have to worry about their children, its a part of their genetic make-up
and u r doing the right thing by making it less burdensome on her
lots of love n hugs to d little one
i will definitely pray for both of u


Aloha Gill,
I was 10 when I went to hospital. My mum gave me a teddy with a tshirt and had all the docs and nurses sign it, they put ribbons and little mementoes on it..
It still makes me smile..
blessing to your little one..she'll be fine 'cause you're her guardian angel!


Nothing new to add to my last note about this, your grace, except that my prayers and best wishes for you and your little one are coming your way.


thinking positive loving thoughts your way ... xoxox

my castle in spain

oh dear...sending you good vibes from sunny Spain to you and your sweet little one...
let us it all went well!!

my castle in spain

let us know it all went well !


My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. I love Bronwyn's name.

Grey Street Girl

Best of luck! I'm sure it will go great! These shots are gorgeous!


good luck I'm sure it will be fine, sending you both lots of good ju-ju. :-)
Love your new banner.


Seeing your child in a hospital setting regardless of the reason is always scary. Try not to worry too much...she will be fine. You did the right thing by making it fun for her. She's too young to worry about such things. You are a great mom...the best.
Kisses and hugs to you and B!

pam aries

Sweet Baby B...I am sending you big hugs and happy hospital vibes}}}}}}}}}}! all the little Tonsil Fairies are flitttng about scattering silly magic sparkledust...


it'll be alright for sure!


Hope the sleepover went well. xo (xo to your mom too)


Oh you are a great Mom, don't worry about it. Your baby will be just fine, keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


She will be fine, you are sweet for making it an adventure!

New banner, beautiful
simple pleasures....lovely
NY pics, fabulous! (I am going in Sept and am compiling LISTS, please email me if you have some 'not to miss' suggestions!)



How is B doing today?
I send big comfortable hugs!!!
To you too!


...it's all over by now and your lovely daughter is "enjoying" popsicles and ice cream I bet...it is so true we are hard-wired to worry...it's our job!

devil mood

How did the operation go?
Oh you're so sweet, you could never be a bad parent. You were definitely trying to make your child feel as comfortable as possible and that is good.

Your photos are so breathtaking!!


My thoughts are with Bronwyn and you!
How is she, how did it go? How are you?

All is right now, I feel!


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