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June 11, 2009


Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Really, what is not to miss? Your vivacious take on life is a must these days. With a twirl and a bow, I welcome you back. :)


Aloha Gillian..
I was beginning to have withdrawals..no *Blue* to read? sniff, sniff..
Welcome HOME.
peace, Kaibird

Grey Street Girl

Hello! You were totally missed! I love that shot of the yarn. The colors are amazing!

Lisa Swifka

It's good to be away for a time....and I'm with you in terms of being an apparition! You've been ever so mysterious about this whole NY trip that it's proven to peak my curiosity in a BIG way. (so spill) heehee!!
OH yes, let's do continue our chat for sure!!


My Indian princess you are back!!!! I did miss you! Terribly!


I totally missed you! You bring light into my life! A smile each time I visit! I'm so glad you're back! I can't wait to see new photos!

Tara Bradford

OK, tried to comment and Typepad kicked me out! Yes, I missed you! Back from London and will try phoning you later today. xoxox


Yay...Bob Marley...love the yarn photo above


So glad you are back. Of course we missed you.

I'm eager to see your pictures and hear about your adventures. Happy weekend.


We missed you BigTime Gillian!
Your presence in blogland is a positive one~

BUT now you have tales to tell, photos to share.
Welcome back. Nice yarn photo. Very nice indeed!



I definitely missed the positivity and style of your lovely blog. Also, your new profile picture is GORGEOUS, like whoa.


For a min. there I thought you whipped up a fluorescent bowl of pasta. That yarn looks yummy, Mija! :)

It's great to have you back. I confess I've been here without commenting...but I DID comment on your facebook post this morning (as you well know).

Btw, I start my new paralegal job this week. Don't worry, I'll keep you "abreast!" ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see more of your photos!

PS - Beautiful profile shot...I can see your South American side in that pic.

Account Deleted

thank you for the bowl
yarn soup!

my favorite of
lemon sherbet...




looking forward to ~~bench monday~~
as yours are


hi there. welcome back. lovely yarn photo. i've passed along an award because you are cool. thank you for your loveliness and all the inspiration you pass along. take care.

soeurs du jour

welcome back. looking forward to more photos.


Of course we missed you! Can't wait to see all of the pictures. Love the new profile pic, by the way.


hello! i found yo because we are fellow winners of an award from noddyboom. i am excited to keep coming back and to see some new york photos!


yes!!! i missed you!!! Saw you were back on facebook...

just wanted to say..what a gorgeous photo of you!!! Totally GORGEOUS! xx


Dear Gill,
I just added my name to your followers list. Did you get it?

Gillian daSilva

Not sure!? I'll go see. xo


So glad you are back!
Did you say, Bob Marley? Eh naw! ; )

Gillian daSilva

I gasped about an hour ago when doing laundry, the Bob t-shirt emerged from the dryer smellin all fresh and lovely and I looked at the tag....


Then, in super small print....


I thought of you xo!


so happy to see you back though i too have sort of been away ;-) muah! xo


Of course you were missed! Let's move on to the harder questions! (maybe I've been watching too much "Cash Cab" lol)

Balls of yarn always make me happy.

Elisa Day

Of course I missed you! Welcome back!

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