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June 26, 2009



You have my sympathy. I remember when my own daughter had her tonsils out. It was more painful for me than her I believe. My son did not have his removed and now at 23, has more problems than ever. She, however, rarely does. There are better days ahead, Mom!

Wayfaring Wanderer

Surgery of any kind is no joke! I hope for her a quick recovery.

Moving in the middle....Yikes! Hang in there :o)


Oh, am I so sorry your little one is having such a tough time. Will be thinking of you all as you move and caregive and as she heals.


poor wee B!! I feel so bad for her. She'll get through it though and so will you. I hope she's enjoying all those popsickles though!
Much love to you my friend

pam aries

You have got a heap on yo' plate, woman! hope you are doing well and B is buzzing around and feeling great! Peace love and RiChes!!!

Mary T.

Guilt is not necessary. She will feel better very soon. I still shake and feel nauseous after even having day surgery. I'm old and it still bothers me. I don't think age is the deciding factor but the sense of being away from yourself that is scary.

Michelle Dupont

As mothers, it's our lot to feel guilty! But just remember that you're a wonderful, caring mama - your sweet B will better soon. Sending you, and her {hugs} xxx

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Love to you, sweet Mother. No guilt. Sending healing energy to your whole family. Happy move!!


Of course she's miserable. Oy, It'll take a couple weeks. I didn't want anything but ice cream, if that. But she'll start recovering in leaps before long. And those nasty germ-bags are gone forevah! And you'll be in a new house, oompty boom!

Vitamin C.


I remember picking my daughter up in recovery after her adenoids were removed and I was faced with the same scene. I was horrified and guiltstricken, but yes, days later she was a new and improved version of herself...SHE COULD BREATHE!

I'm sorry your little girl is not feeling well, but let her know it WILL get better! Hugs to her...and to you, Chica! Ooh, I'm so excited about your move!! Can't wait to the photos!

PS - Love that shade of green. It made me happy. :)


Thinking of your little darling, Gillian! SO sorry she still feels poorly. I have a feeling she will start to turn the corner soon, that this will be a good thing in the end!

It must be difficult being a Mommy! I know you are a good one!

Sending healing thoughts!

Ps Can she eat ice cream?


I am think of you all. Hugs all around.
Does she like sherbet?

Account Deleted

make sure she stays put for a while.


i hopped up and danced too early
when mine where removed...

--->why oh why do we have them
in the first place?

{{ i was a teenager }}
us just say,

it set me
back! }}

looking forward
to your
new house postings ♥♥♥


tonsils are bad for sure- and they say house moving is one of the top 3 most stressful things in life!


I have been thinking of you two, hoping things went well. It is always hard to see someone you love suffer, especially a child. I hope she will bounce back soon.
Big Hugs to you both.

Robin Laws

they promised me all the ice cream i could eat..and all i got was a sore throat. i never thought they lied or tricked me, not once. poor you. no therapy will not be necessary :) you are a good momma. remember..nothing can break us apart? that counts for far more than a rotten week long day sleepover. poor baby girl.

Tara Bradford

Well whatever is next is bound to be good! As for poor little B., no doubt the temporary pain was necessary for long-term good results. Good luck w/ the move! Love you. xoxox


Poor kid! I well know how hard it is to watch them recover from surgeries. But when they start to feel better, it's all forgotten! My girl took three solid weeks to recover from her palate surgeries (though it didn't stop her from eating, it did make her miserable!) and it was tough for all of us. But it's all behind and forgotten (at least until the next surgery). Hugs to you both.


it has taken me so long to be able to read this - my internet just kept saying no way was it going to let me into your site, and that I should have the problem diganosed (a little medical reference to perhaps make you smile!) - that I am sure by now your sweetie is much better & you are, too. Take care, take it slow.
Poor baby.

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