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May 18, 2009



This is the reason I came to blogging - to writing & reading them. What a wonderful, wonderful post. A meditation in sweetness. Wonderful. I will send out such thoughts for your dear father. And you. Take care.

Tara Bradford

Oh, what a SWEET post! Ha ha! Love it, really. And you! Your dad and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. Hoping all goes well and his sense of humor carries him through the tough parts. And what an absolutely perfect photo you've brought us - merci, merci, merci! xoxox


Yes, I agree, the energy of our prayers reaches out and touches all. I will add your father and your family to my prayers this week. Beautiful post..


warm and sweet thoughts and prayers are sent to your father this week.


Hi Gillian,
Will keep your father in my thoughts and prayers.
I do believe in prayer.
And I believe in his good attitude.
This is a beautiful photograph you have captured of the dandelion.
Hugs to you


Mmmm, yes, sweetness in the little things for sure. Lovely thoughts, thank you. And here are some warm thoughts headed back your way, for you and your dad.


I need to redo my link list too
You are still Blue Spa Girl
but more than that
you are:

Gillian daSilva

Aw Gem! You are so sweet. :-)

You are those things and more my desert friend. xo

Gillian daSilva

I can still be Blue Spa girl!!! Kind of a throw back to the early days Gemma xo


Thank you for the opportunity to exist sweetly in this moment with you.

beautiful post...


Account Deleted

Loving the sweetness.


warm thoughts to your dad ...

this was such a sweet post, full of beauty and light, that photo is gorgeous!! xo


Much light and love going to your dad.

What a great explanation of the difference between million and billion. Now I understand...

Hope you had a lovely holiday.


My sweetest thoughts and prayers and good wishes are with your dad, my friend. (I know how us girls feel about our daddies.)

The photo you posted is beautiful and calms the spirit. Thanks for sharing it and the lovely thoughts that accompany it. I like the way you put it..."meditation in sweetness." ¡Que bueno! Let me join you in that! :)


hope your dad fairs well!


Hi Sugar,

Oh, oops, I'm making it all worse, aren't I? Hehe! Listen, best of success for your father in his fight. I will be thinking of you both. And i wanted to say I loved what you said about preparing a meal being a prayer in itself. It really is!

soeurs du jour

good wishes for your dad.


I believe celebration, meditation, attention, and love are a kind of prayer, n'est pas. Sometimes I think 'what isn't prayer...?'

Gillian daSilva

Me too!

Especially if the right attention is given to everything.


It’s best to live in truth, n’est pas?


Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Your Dad has been in my prayers since we met last fall. The mantra continues in earnest this week.

much love xo

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Graciel. I don’t deserve you.


pam aries

Dear Blue, Star woman of much Wealth, my thoughts and prayers are with your father...you and Sheila. I see that he is home now which is great news. You have a loving family, very dear and genuine. Peace , love and riches !

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, your sweet dad is i my thoughts & prayers.

I am still trying to grasp into my brain all these numbers :) stars and magic moooons!! xoxo


Now those are some crazy numbers! Still can't wrap my brain around something that immense.

Healing thoughts go out to your father today.


OH! I really love that explanation of the difference between a million and a billion. That might finally help my students understand those enormous numbers.

Gillian daSilva

Hi Relyn :-)

I know! What a visual. Both sound so similar too….million, billion, Gillian….:)

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