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May 05, 2009



I love your new banner, I feel it reflects who you are so well. Magical, vibrant, elusive and beautiful. I am glad you had such a wonderful day my friend.


Your posts are often just what I need to read in order to get through a moment in my life that I'm not sure of. Whatever you might need that I can help with, I hope you know that I will try with all my might to answer your wish. xo Heather

soeurs du jour

it's that kind of a day.


Those dolls are luscious and even though I am not really a "doll" person, I would LOVE one of those! So dreamy and mysterious:)
Thanks for the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try it later this week:)


I wish for more walks in the park, starlit nights and Bocelli serendaing me at bedtime. (I don't ask for much, do I?)

Btw, I've had a pretty human day myself...and I, too, have no regrets.

Now it's bedtime and I think I hear "Amapola" in the distance.

Sweet dreams, amiguita! "Qué sueñes con los angelitos." (That's something my mother would tell me every night for 18 years or more...and it means, "Dream of angels.")

Tara Bradford

Hello, Gorgeous! I have no doubt you will be a beautiful bride! And isn't Andrea Bocelli's music angelic??!! Lovely image; am disappointed I missed Christine's shop update. Hope all the things going on behind the scenes turn out well. Miss you! xoxox


Hi Gillian,
YOU will be a beautiful bride!!! AND you will have a wonderful ceremony, I have no doubts!!
I have visions of your wedding before you were engaged.
Yes!! to Andrea Bocilli and his wonderful and moving voice.
Also, Christine's dolls are absolutely amazing!!! I like her too.

Hope you can meet up with the people you long or need to see and that your trip with friends will be a blast!



Dear Gill,
Did you just get my comment?
I think typepad is doing something strange.
I just lost one on Tara's and yours.
I'm trying this before I write again.



Dear Gill,
YOU WILL BE a Beautiful Bride and have a spectacular ceremony!! I have had a beautiful vision for you since before you were engaged.

Hope you will get to see the friends you want or need to see.

Your trip with friends sounds great too.
Sorry if you are getting this comment 2 times.

Love to you friend,



Love to you! I will wish along with you, if that's okay. : )

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

What a wonderful post..my favorite line being
"So all in all, a pretty human day was had by all."

Whenever I come here I am reminded of the song "We are spirits in a material world"..your post reminded me of that basic concept today..:)
Thanks for the mention ;)


Beautiful post! Wishing all your wishes come true....and I'm sure they will!!

AND...what just dropped into my mailbox but a message from typepad and YOUR beautiful blog mentioned...holy moly how awesome is that!!!!

Gillian daSilva

Thanks Steph, xo

Vanessa emailed me to tell me, I had no idea :-)



What a beautiful, star-wishing, happy and human day!
I bet you will be a beautiful bride!
And I was so thrilled to see Typepad featured your happy blog, reminding me to come here and visit again.
Wishing you many more happy, star-wishing days!

elizabeth bunsen

beautiful post Gillian!
I too am here to rediscover your loveliness
via typepad...
wishing you the very best on your journeys
loving "pretty human days" too
grateful for all the stars to wish upon...

xox - eb.


I adore your blog. I am a big fan after ONE afternoon lying in bed with a headache.....I feel like you are medicine and art and creativity and inspiration all in one yummy spot. Thanks for getting me through the afternoon. I love this place. Love it. yes.

Wayfaring Wanderer

You are just so dang whimsical. Love it :)


Beautiful post. Love it.

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