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May 11, 2009



Oh my! A love story indeed. It always makes my own heart constrict when I hear those things that children say to describe love. I wonder how my own daughter will express it?

Love that photo, btw- the very blue shadow and very warm light. A study in precisely complimentary colors.

Robin Laws

it was so good to see you over at 'my house'! i did notice in my typepad newsletter yesterday you were the typepad honoree but i didn't know it was for the happiness making of others! what a perfect award for someone who oozes sweet happiness for all of us to taste, touch, smell and feel.

girl your photography is awesome!! i love the banner in blue too :)


Oh Gillian! That is such a sweet story. And I know how she feels... I actually had my heart is my stomach as I saw your new banner. Sigh. Sorry I haven't been around much! You deserve all the blue flowers, my dear. You are an angel! xo


first, your banner photograph is so bluely-good :) i can watch it for hours or for some minutes al least, because of my attention deficit disorder ;)
and it was first only because it came up first

second, really loved your cute little love story. being with children is a daily dose of discovering life again and again. and again.

third, i love the movie, but somehow haven't been able to read the book. and there is quite a story related to the time when i watched this movie. maybe i'll write a blogpost about it soon!

and fourth, am still not on your blog roll :)

soeurs du jour

she was so gorgeous in that movie.

Gillian daSilva

Adee :-)


Yes, true!

Yes, do!

Okay! I hadn't realized, I have you on my computers bookmarks.



The fountain is beautiful!

Your daughter has such a wonderful way with words. A poet in the making.

Happy belated Mother's Day!


As much as I played the song on the piano (years ago), I'd never seen the movie. I should probably rent it...if only to peek at Ali's wardrobe. :)

Btw, your daughter sounds like a charming and precocious little girl. I'd love her! :)

I'm glad you had a happy Mother's Day! Only the best for my Canadian Cubanita friend! :)


Oh those words from your little girl made me melt. I can only imagine how it made you feel. As to Ali, those clothes are totally you.

Tara Bradford

Blue flowers indeed. What a sweetheart (your daughter and her mother). xoxox


Sweet story. Your daughter melts my heart.


it is my favourite movie ... my friend ruben and i get together periodically to watch and cry and yes, the clothes are swoonworthy :-)


*It's full of blue flowers for you, Mum.*
That is one of the sweetest most adorable things I have ever heard!


Sloane has a Nana. Not her grandmother, but her caregiver when she was small. Nana hasn't kept her each day for years now, but she is still Nana to us. Still a part of our hearts. When Sloane was little she could eat butter by the spoonful. In fact, I found her more than once scooping out fingersful of butter and popping them into her mouth. Once, when she was three, she put both hands on Nana's cheeks, looked deep into her eyes, and said, "Oh Nana. I love you more than butter."

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