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May 21, 2009



Yes, yes, indeed. I truly believe that if you build it he will come, so start packing! I intend to do the very same thing as soon as my art show is behind me & I can put down the paint brushes for a bit.

I have been meaning for days to tell you how much I love your banner - that beautiful swash of blue, asnd today you have added flowers to match. :) Thank you!


Burgers=Summer! Hooray!
Yes, start packing, you will have to do it soon enough, best get a head start and you will be ready the instant the house appears:)


Love blue flowers. Last fall I was in Amsterdam and bought tulip bulbs that were suppose to be blue. I waited all winter so excited to see blue tulips; but no blue tulips appeared. They were red. Now do you think I can return them?

Burgers, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, potato salad, and berry cobbler for me this weekend. Can't wait.

Tara Bradford

That is a GORGEOUS photo! Fingers crossed a house deal gets sorted. Packing in anticipation is a good thing! We're having guests this weekend and the chef will be cooking more spicy chicken couscous. Hope you enjoy the burgers, walks, movies and of course, having fun with the family! xoxox


"Thoughts become things," as our spiritual advisor recently said. But you took it a step further... your actually packing is a sacrament of the move to come. Love it.

"Whatever you do this weekend do it with your full attention and LOVE." Amen. In Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig observed that impatience is always the result of underestimating the importance of something.

Have a lovely long weekend, Bleux, filled with all the 'sacraments of the moment' that you're so good at noticing and celebrating.

Gillian daSilva

Ah yes. (Sign up for a Facebook account mon Jeaux, and you'll reap the
benefits of our spiritual friend's monkhood days digitally recreated and
posted for our viewing pleasure.)


I agree with Robert, impatience is a kind of sacrilege. I like your idea of
my packing as sacrament (from Wiki; "a visible sign of an invisible
reality"). I like to also see it as "creating room" for the new things to

My hamburger this weekend will be homage to our friendship, replete with
grainy mustard. Tink! To you Jeaux, and everything You are.

Love to you.


Gillian daSilva

Thanks Tara! I love the photo too, (not tooting my own horn, but I do love it).
Relaxation and happy house hunting. That's all my weekend will be. Have fun in Paris doing things with your friend. xo

Gillian daSilva

Chai apple butter on toast for me please! Oops, already had some this morning on rye.
I'll need you to send some to two people...I'm payiing. I'll email you later. On in Vancouver and one overseas. Do you ship overseas?
Enjoy the weekend!

Gillian daSilva

Yes, that is the idea! Getting a head start.
Happy weekend Shelagh!

Gillian daSilva

Hey girl :)
I want to pick up the paint brushes!!! :)
Thanks for the banner compliment.
I put turquoise curtains in two rooms and I go in there all the time to stare at them I love them THAT much!!! LOL


Happy Weekend! Love the blue flowers! I'm headed to Chicago to be with my boy child and I can't wait!! Be safe on this holiday weekend, everyone!

Gillian daSilva

You too!

Don't get blown away in the windy city, lady!!! LOL



Oh yes! Start packing...it's all about the law of attraction. Pack as though you are already set to move into a lovely new space to call your own.

I am going to spend the weekend in the sunshine...it is FINALLY warming up around here!

Enjoy your days :)

Elisa Day

I love blue flowers. I love everything blue. Have a nice weekend

soeurs du jour

I'm barbecuing burgers, gardening, hanging laundry on the line and pretending that I have the whole summer off .... I'm going to ignore the fact that I have work days in between my weekends this summer and concentrate on living every minute of my prescious time off.
I love the sealer by the way!

pam aries

Yes..pack it up and expect to move into your lovely new house! That will work. Have a lovely weekend . I see veggie burgers in my weekend..haha! Joe and I are going to have a cocktail or 2 next week at Hemingway's! We'll toast to you... In the meantime ...revel in your riches!


This weekend is my sons 3rd birthday. Though I have been struggling with some illness, I am so excited to celebrate all the blessings he brings to our lives.

I wanted to say I think you seem like such a sweet lady. I love reading your blogs.

I have a great weekend!

Gillian daSilva

Buggers!!!! LOL

Oh that you get to meet Jeaux and he you makes my heart absolutely sing.

You'll just love each other I know it.


Toast one for me will ya!!! You are both stinking rich!!!! :-)


Oh how lovely!!!! Thank you my sweet! Enjoy with your beautiful family.


Aloha Gillian,
lovely sentiments..lovely blog :) This weekend..I'm *shhooeing* bunnies out of the garage..
peace, Kai

Andrea Mehdiratta

Hi Gillian, this is my first time to your blog and I am really enjoying it.
I wanted to say thank you for the comment you posted on Lisa's blog entry- Open up your ART. You are right, we are all individuals and should be comfortable with that- heck, we should embrace that!
Thanks for the reminder.


Sounds like you've got a glorious weekend planned. Love those flowers...that colour is amazing!!!

p.s. thanks for your visits and lovely notes.

Gillian daSilva

I agree with that, the law of attraction!
So glad you finally have some warm weather. Happy days are here again! xo

Gillian daSilva

Me too!!!
You too!!!

Gillian daSilva

Sounds like your weekend will be beautiful...I'm in the midst of househunting so hopefully soon that will be resolved and I can enjoy the things you two are!


I really am, a mustard girl. I like a spicy one, on my burger.

This really is quite a lovely picture, you have left us with. : )

Gillian daSilva

Hi Andrea :-)

Thanks for popping in. Lisa is a dear friend of mine! We obviously met
through blogging but that does not diminish the importance of our
friendship. :-)

I would hate for anyone to define themselves by the standards of others, and
was simply trying to convey that each of us has an important gift to share.

Blogging should be an open forum for us to share our visions.

It's because of Lisa and one other blogger that I started to even blog at
all. Her encouragement and support (heartfelt at that) was invaluable to
me, as she stuck by me while I grew and changed and emerged as an artist.
All the while backing me, cheering for me and being a good friend.

Anyone who doesn't have your best interest at heart (i.e. your growth as an
artist) is really not a true connection for you anyways.lose them like a hot
potato! :-)

Off to see your place now.it's been a heck of a busy weekend.enjoy yours and
thanks for your nice comment.


Gillian daSilva

Thanks Christina :-)

Yesterday, just for Jeaux.I had a bacon double cheeseburger with hot
peppers. I was in heaven. Washed it down with a coke.

Don't tell my sister in law.that's not clean eating!!! (Hey, I've done
pretty good.it was time to eat something YUMMY)

Enjoy the upcoming week..xoxo (Love your pink flowers picture, the ones on
the table. So good.)

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