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May 15, 2009



Loved this. I always felt my children were the teachers and I, the student. Now, my father is very childlike and again, I am the student. Apparently I have alot of learning to do!!


Teachers rock (all of theme except for my Kindergarten teacher who didn't like me)!!

You're right when you say "we are" them because whether we know it or not, SOMEONE is learning SOMETHING from us every day.

Helen Keller quotes are awesome, aren't they, Tara?? ;)

I wish you a beautiful long weekend, amiguita, flyin' and freeeee!


Aloha Gill,
unless you fall off the edge and get dirty in the muck, you can never play with the hippos..
peace, Kai xx

Gillian daSilva

And.I LOVE playing with hippopotamuses in the marsh. :-)

Tara Bradford

Yes, Helen Keller! Love the photo. And you're so right about teachers appearing when we need them. Did I tell you my fifth grade teacher came to Jordana's wedding? She told me she remembered I had the best vocabulary of anyone in her class. :) Have lots of fun this weekend! xoxox

my castle in spain

oh yes..i remember i literally adored my French literature teacher at school. Teachers can be so important..
and i know someone who's going to have lots of fun this week end..The rollerskating sounds great !Enjoy it, dear one !!!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Yes, my best teachers have been the ones to knock me down so I can see the mighty strength inside my heart that picks me up. The most difficult people have forced the sweetest fruit to the surface. I thank them all.

Happy Victoria Day!

xo, Graciel

Deborah Carr

My favourite teacher is my golden retriever who reminds me the best way to savour life is to get down and roll in it.


Thank you for the gift of your girls, my precious grand daughters on Friday.
They always teach me something..


Beautiful post, my yoga teacher today taught me to let go of something that is bothering and watch others things fall into place...like dominos....

happy weekend!!



Some teachers show us a path to a vista we didn’t know existed, some open our eyes to what we’ve known all along.

Have a rockin’ weekend, Gill. I love fireworks. I think they touch something primal in us, the big bang revisited festively.


"You have to risk some feelings of insecurity if you are ever going to learn to walk a tightrope, water-ski, become a writer, start a new business, try out a new recipe or do anything that requires learning" quote by Wayne Dyer
You probably already do all of those things don't you?

pam aries

Some teachers are RICH and some are very poor....Zen saying....Hope you had a bang up weekend!!! YOU are very rich.

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