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May 12, 2009



Do you know how beautiful you are? Inside and out? You are.


I was just going to say the samething that Heather just said: Do you realize how beautiful you are? WOW.


Aloha Gill..
You are so on the right track and attitude about life sweetie!!
I started my day with having a huge plethora of things to do (dishes, vaccumning, laundry..) but then I was greeted with the biggest brown eyes on the planet and wagging tails..
Who can say no to that? So I took my puppies out for a longggggggg walk in the sun.. It's better then housework..lol..
Peace, Kaibirdie.. xx

pam aries

The laundry can always wait...life can't. You look MAHvelous!


You can play the harp...??

Tara Bradford

I just left a comment and was kicked out of Typepad! Really I wish they'd get their act together.

On a brighter note, love this photo of you in all your gorgeousness! And yes laundry and such drudgery can wait. Priorities, after all! xoxox


Love this photo,
And the thought of your lovely friend treating your children with kindness. I say let the laundry wait.
Yes indeed!
About forgiveness:
I think it is one of the biggest keys to inner peace and a sound mind.

Lovely post!


Forgive yourself on the days you choose to do laundry too.
love ya


A lovely photo of a lovely gal.

A Fanciful Twist

Yes, kids need to be included, such cuties!! You are a doll, go have fun, you are right. You won't be singing 'bout laundry when you are playing your harp, hahha!! So cute! xoxo


I agree, beautiful photo of you reading. Arabian fairy tales can be entertaining, but when I really want to treat myself, I haul out the Bukowski! Hot coffee and chocolate go well with about everything, even laundry!


Great shot! Love your words too


such a beautiful photo of you....oh and when you get a sec...no rush...the recipe for turkey fajita casserole please...I can almost see the cheese bubbling in the picture and it makes me soooooooo hungry.

Gillian daSilva

Who said anything about "playing" the harp? lol!!

Gillian daSilva

I've had lots of problems too. I get booted out all the time. Julian thinks I've something on my page that is causing it.

What do you think?
BTW, my email is down, until later today. I've been without for awhile...my new computer is finally installed and email is next on the list to get done. And my printer. So I'll be in touch later I promise.

Gillian daSilva

As soon as my email is up and running later, I'll get it to you!

Gillian daSilva

You know clever photogs only post flattering shots.


Forgiveness is a kind of freedom. If God forgives, our withholding it is not only irrelevant, but in essence, an exercise in unreality. All will be well.

Sugar is dumbly demonized. I prefer the raw stuff, traces of molasses intact, in the interest of wholeness. Most people aren't that human brain activity is supported and fueled by one substance: sugar.

I suspect the great sages would suggest that the difference between a walk in the garden and doing the laundry is an illusion. I'm not there yet. ;-)

Love the portrait, Gill. It looks like a frame from a movie... always a nice effect. You're very pretty.


This is food for the soul (and so are those little candies ;)
Lovin this post.

Gillian daSilva

Jeaux~YOU, can stay. xo

devil mood

I just love that photo!
And, so true, as a kid all I wanted to do was to be treated like a grown-up, it makes kids feel special :)

Arabian fairy-tales sound intriguing!



Gillian daSilva



A commendable attitude, life is too short for laundry.
Why not try plastic tableware along with your laundry in the washing machine? Two jobs rolled into one. However, I do find it can be a bit noisy in the tumble dryer!...

Gillian daSilva

Har har Barky! You caught me awake! I don't subscribe to plastic. I can't
do plastic. I have even given up on paper napkins as they take a year to

Linen. So they need ironing, so what! It's better for the environs. You
should know that, mate! :-)


oh such a lovely image of you, I am with you on the laundry front, I would much rather play Heroscape with my son than do laundry any day.

Gillian daSilva

Yes! Or checkers!!

Ride bikes. Bake muffins. :-)

Gillian daSilva

Thank you all, for your beautifully supportive comments.


That is a marvelous picture of you.

It also strikes me that the main secret to deal with children is to get down on their level. No one wants to be loomed over.

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