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May 03, 2009



Aloha Gill,
your food looks luscious!! your soul food is wonderful..love his singing :)
peace, Kai


I cannot listen to that without sobbing. Such a gorgeous piece of music!! My daughter put together a few cds for me to listen to in the car, a very eclectic mix and this was one of the songs she included.Sigh.
I would LOVE that recipe:)
Cheers, Shelagh


HEY! I haven't been for awhile - love the sassy new blog layout!!

I also love what you said about food. I'm finally walking that same path - towards health. Alligator pears are one of my most favorite things to eat - thanks for another dish I could use them in!!


Your blog has become my favorite to read. I feel like I have so much in common with you. I love your talk of music, food, art, and everyday activities. You are great I hope you know!

Lisa P

Love those alligator pears! I must eat 3 of them a week and I use them in lieu of mayo on sandwiches. Love your sandwich suggestion and I MUST have that 'za recipe!

I love that song as well....have you heard the duet with Sarah Brightman? That version makes me cry all the time.

You should take a listen to Ray LaMontagne....I am addicted! I just recently discovered him and I think the song "You are the Best Thing" is my fav but his voice is awesome! Take a listen and let me know what you think


This looks soooo appetizing! What are you doing? Giving Martha a run for her money?


That looks absolutely delicious! And I'm with you on the alligator pears. If they're around, I eat them like chocolate...and with pretty much anything.

Gillian daSilva

Hardly. I'm no Martha. In fact, up until two weeks ago, my family was lucky to get a home cooked meal.
Pizza was on auto-dial.
And now, I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get from planning healthy food. The very thought of a donut has me wretching. I'm liking that my cells are ALIVE!!!
Keep the large fries. I'll have the avocado.

And you with your Pablo Neruda, you're killing me. Loved that last post.

Gillian daSilva

Don't you just love the name alone?
Who wouldn't want to eat an alligator pear?

Gillian daSilva

OMG I LOVE Ray. He a sexy mannnnn. Who wouldn't? Yes and again YES!!!!!!!!
Lisa, it's not ZA girly it's a casserole. Like momma used to make!
You are far too cute for your own good.
Calling you asap.

Gillian daSilva

Randi how very flattered I am by this comment. I love it when I find people that have likes like my likes.
Ya know?
Thank you so very much.

Gillian daSilva

Megg? Zat you? How you doing???
My late thirties are scaring me since I've sworn I'll never do Botox...so I must try to salvage what's left with nutrition! LOL

Gillian daSilva

First of all, Andrea Bocelli can sing me to sleep anyday. Ahem.
And furthermore, what a voice. Angels stop singing to listen to him sing. Serious.
I cried thrice yesterday upon hearing that voice from above. That song is my song of the week. That and (weirdly enough) The Future by Leonard Cohen.
Now Leonard is another one I adore.
What are your thoughts on Lenny?
xox (Recipe en route.)

Gillian daSilva

Aloha Kai. Sigh. Don't you just wish we were at a luau right about now? Pass the poi baby.
Ah, Hawaii. You know, stars, fish, birds and flowers just aren't the same here, are they?

Chef E

First of all, let me say that fajita dish looks good, and now I am hungry at 3 in the morning (can't sleep), and also I am intrigued by the alligator pear!

I like your site, as I have a passion for things that hold a history, and past like your collection...


Hmm...I've never heard of them referred to as alligator pears..I love that! (have I been living under a rock?)
What beautiful music to start my morning.

It's good to be back here :):):):)

Gillian daSilva

Nor had I until I researched their nutritional value. I love the name
alligator pear.



Wow,that looks so delicious, I am definitely e-mailing you for the recipe.
Avocados are one of the truly great foods on the planet. We had a story called The Avocado Baby, we used to read to my son. It's a sweet story about a baby who is a picky eater whose mother discovers he will eat avocados, which make him super strong and healthy. Very sweet story. I love the name Alligator Pear too.
Love the Bocelli recording.
Hope you had a blissful and relaxing weekend.


Love Bocelli with my coffee in the morning. Great way to start the day! Your recipes look really good Blue!
Muah to you all


Bocelli's "Amapola" has the same effect on me...music that penetrates the soul to the point you feel like crying. I ADORE him!!

Your night in Tuscany...¡qué sabroso! Please send me the recipe. I agree, healthy is the way to go...especially healthy AND delicious! The photo looks "divino," Chica!

Lisa Swifka

Years ago I was on hold by a company who was playing Andrea Bocelli. I didn't want them to come back on until the song was over. Luckily I had someone on the phone who was simply wonderful and did what she could to find out who was singing. It was then I fell in love with the voice of Andrea Bocelli.
Sounds like your healthy eating is delish too. We try but don't always cut out the things we should.
Happy eating, happy life!
Oh and thank you for the Etsy mention, very sweet!!

Gillian daSilva

Mmmm three a.m. a dangerous time to be eating.
Straight to the hips. That's the witching hour!
I usually wake at that time from a lucid dream or two....

Gillian daSilva

I did Suvarna, hope you did too. Relaxing is so underrated. More relaxing, stat!
Bocelli is my vice right now. No worries there, huh?

Gillian daSilva

Oh Bocelli and coffee, lovely menu that is.
I can tell he has a sweet soul too, makes listening to him all the more enjoyable.
Miss you!

Gillian daSilva

I adore him too. It's insane. I could drive my children nuts in the car, they BEG me to put on other music. Olivia being nine now tells me that his music makes her snooze. Can you imagine?
She likes rock and roll!

Gillian daSilva

Hi darlin! That call on hold sounds better than musak! Is that how you spell it?
Anyhow, the healthy eating is a full time job, but it's working out fine. But really, we depend on processed food way too much, as I've discovered. Trying to prepare healthy fresh food takes time.
I'll get used to it I suppose.
xoxo Love you!

Tara Bradford

Thank you for the thought, dearest Gill. The wedding was beautiful. One photo is up; more soon. xoxox

Capt. Paul West

Ok... You've got me. Please send me the recipe. Paul @ Brother Paul Magic . Com

Nice work, great eye and zest for life. Please continue. I'll watch.




Love the new banner too.

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