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April 10, 2009



Oh, I cannot, cannot re-read this book - I just tear up when I try. It is wonderful, but so heartbreaking. Like life, I guess.

And yes! I always pay attention to my belly - it is so much smarter than I.


Beautiful thoughts on a good day of sharing good things

Gillian daSilva

me too, Debi
I get all welly...lumpy in my throat. There are so many tender moments between the pig and the spider that it is impossible to reread.

Gillian daSilva

It was a day of sharing. In fact, I'm sharing dill pickle popcorn right now and must get off the computer, because a Planet Earth video just went in and the kids would like their mother to watch it with them!!! xo


Now THAT's a kickass wedding photo! Chica, you are going to have a beautiful wedding day, but let me ask you, who's going to keep the helicopters away?? The papparazzi and wedding crashers?? Something to thing about, eh?? (Do I sound Canadian with the "eh?") ;)

Now how about that quote from Charlotte's Web, eh? How sweet is that?? I have the book somewhere on the shelf, but have never read it. The movie...we have it, too, and it breaks my heart every time I see it.

PS - I love these three photos, btw. I'll have you know I smiled and said "Queso" for the second one! ;) Happy Easter, Chica...to you and your fam!! :)

Tara Bradford

Beautiful photos! And Charlotte's Web...it played a big role in my own childhood. Sigh. And you're so right about that feeling in the pit of your stomach when something is wrong. You are a wonderful mom and a wise woman. (And you'll be a beautiful bride!) Love to you, beautiful! xoxox

Grey Street Girl

What a beautiful story. And, those pictures are amazing. Happy Easter weekend to you!


lovely photos, like the depth of field a lot. In the second picture it seems that you applied tilt shift .. is that true or accidental?


Such lovely images Gillian. Like Tara said, you will make an amazingly lovely bride.


I love the photo of the private beach....
too cool.

Kate Robertson


What a beautiful post. Today I will remember all the love Charlotte had for Wilbur...


soeurs du jour

Are those the mini PC cupcakes? I almost bought some yesterday and now I wish I had ... great shots. For next year, I saw the most amazing eggs died using old silk ties from good will ... http://www.ourbestbites.com/2008/03/silk-dyed-eggs.html


Oh. I love occasions of synchronicity just like this one: On Thursday I began reading Charlotte's Web to my class of second graders. I find myself falling in love with this old favorite all over again.


must know more about the little tiny camera in the second picture....


Great shots..love the camera and the gate shot especially! We just watched the original the other night (again). My son loves the movie and each time we see a spider we refer to it as Charlotte or one of her babies. This morning my son reached over , petted my head and called me Mama Charlotte:) A tear-jerker of a book and movie, especially when they sing "Mother Earth and Father Time"

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