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April 26, 2009


soeurs du jour

Eating clean is the best. I have never felt better than when we did the 8 week challenge. The problem is I have slipped away from it and indulge in all sorts of bad things. I don't get it sometimes.
For your little girl, I will think of her on Monday. I still have the soft yellow stuffed rabbit I got when I had my tonsils out!

Tara Bradford

Let's face it: John Derian is irresistable. As for eating clean, bravo for you and the whole funny. Give little Miss B a big hug from me - you will both be in my thoughts and prayers on Monday and beyond. Yes, lots of popsicles and soothing treats for the adorable cherub. (Gorgeous photo of her)! I will check in with you from the US later this week. xoxox


Aloha Gill..
she's so sweet, more love and treats for Miss B!! (but do forget to look after mummy too)
My clean eating happens mon-friday when I dig into cereals/grains and fruit.. The weekend kinda goes out the door a little with Mr Dan's mum cooking dinner, but she's sucha sweetie who can say no..lol.
congrads on turning *Clean Eat Green* :):)
love ya,
Peace, Kai


Best of luck for Miss B. I had my tonsils out at age 20! It involved a few days stay at the hospital. Best to get them attended to as a wee one:) They heal so quickly:)
John Derian's shop looks wonderful!
Eating clean sounds interesting. Is it just eating healthy?

Gillian daSilva

20! Omg.that would have been tough on you. :-(

Yes, I've heard many a good thing about Mr.Derian.I plan to check him out!

"Eat Clean" is a lifestyle change. It goes deeper than eating healthy.
Tosca Reno wrote the book and it is called the Eat Clean Diet. Although, it
is more of a lifestyle change than anything. Diet is a bad word.

So I now go by the "rules" and have seen my middle shrink significantly.my
energy level go up, and I'm sleeping better, feeling better, etc.

I also buy Clean Eating magazine, and use their recipes and tips.the food is
DELICIOUS. And you can eat lots of it, which appeals to me.

I guess the basic principle is to eat foods as close to their natural state
as possible, and nothing processed or refined.

LOL, does that sound good??? xo


What an angelic little face. I was about her age when I had my tonsils out. She be just fine. Especially with such a nurturing mom.

Grey Street Girl

Your grocery list sounds yummy! But, I'm sorry your little one will have surgery. I know it's very routine, but that has to be stressful all the same. Best wishes to you both and I hope you enjoy the ice cream. :)


best of luck for a quick and speedy recovery for your sweet angel :-) and hugs all around!!

and now i must go google 'eating clean' because i know nothing of this but am intrigued, xo

devil mood

Oh Miss B, you couldn't be any cuter!!


I will say a prayer and think good thoughts for the adorable Miss B. Love those big brown eyes! :)

I love your shopping list! Cilantro rocks! :)


That little face can melt icerbergs! Oh she will be OK Mommy, please don't fret. She has a wonderful mother who will nurse her back to that beautiful grin again.


Oh, goodness, little Miss B. is going to wow the whole hospital staff! And everybody is going to breath easier when those tacky tonsils are gone, gone, gone. May flights of angels sing her to a speedy recovery. I had mine out when I was about B’s age. I’ll tell you about the nurse I fell in love with some day if I haven’t already.

Eating clean is a good idea. So is eating intuitively… namely when you’re hungry. And never leave the table full. It takes a while for our gullible brains to catch on to the wily pleas of our greedy stomachs.

Be brave, mother Gill. B is in good hands and will be back to her old self toot sweet.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

Little Miss B...you have melted my heart with your sweetest-in-the-world face. Sending love.

soeurs du jour

the best thing i ever did was get my daughter's tonsils out at around that age. all the illnesses went away. the colds, the throats, the ears, everything. i am sure she is doing just fine by now. i am so not a clean eater. sigh.


Little Miss B in is my thoughts and prayers today. Enjoy your shopping therapy. Send best wishes for a quick recovery for Little Miss B.


Thinking of you and sweet Miss B.....my sister and I had ours out together 100 years ago.



Big hugs and wellness wishes for your little one, with or without the surgery. Kids are so resilient, I am sure she will bounce back quickly.
Oh dear, I must confess I am a dirty, dirty eater! I am trying to improve my bad habits, but it's hard when your married to a sweety toothed mad man. lol I am curious now too, off i go to check it out.
Toodles, :-)

pam aries

Ssshe looks like a little French girl! How are you doing , dearie? I hope all is going well for you all. I am catching up on blogging and was so sorry to hear about the weee one! May rich blessings be yours! ..I have a new blog.


Oh my goodness...she is absolutely beautiful!
What a sweetie pie!

I hope she is feeling better.


What a beautiful shot! She's gorgeous.

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