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April 08, 2009



Enjoy your time sweet Gillian!!! I am glad you are putting yourself first!!!

Tara Bradford

I am thrilled you are following your dreams and making them happen! Firing on all cylinders is right - you'll get there. I have complete confidence in you, dearest Gill. xoxox


Run, run! Hope your dreams are all that you hoped for:)


Go, girl, and follow your bliss! Enjoy your YOU time...chai tea, pedicures, photo shoots, whatever. Viva la vida, Chica! We'll be here when (if?) you get back. :)


Aloha Gillian..
Love is a gift,
Hope is a gift,
Open eyes and an open heart are gifts,
courage takes courage..

That's all the words she gave me..
peace, Kai


It just takes that first step....then keep running! Can't wait to hear where your dreams take you..



good for you gillian! tho' we'll miss you, we do understand. and this makes me want to jump into some of the possibilities all around me as well. :-) thank you and enjoy!!!

Lisa Swifka

It is THE most important thing we can do for ourselves and that is to put OURSELVES back on the TO-DO list!
I am so happy to read you are FIRST......I've had to do the same in following my dreams. It's quite liberating and hopefully all that love us are standing with cheers and "you go girls" as we each follow that path! I know I am doing that for you!


Ahh, the only direction to run! Then again, love is everywhere you look. Keep following your bliss!


Love this! Good motivation! You will conquer anything with your attitude!


Hey thanks for the nice comment! I love your blog!


What a wonderful perspective you provided...Good luck with all of your dreams...


Go girl!

I love you!


I love how you put that. "This week, I'm first on my list." Good for you. I think most women forget that we need to do that very thing from time to time. I loved your words, yes I did. But. I have to say - I am struggling not to covet your bags. Especially that red one. Tell me more, please. I want. I want.

Gillian daSilva


You know, it is from Danier leather. But, I bought it on sale, like I do
everything else.

Retail is for people with money to burn! I think it was $200 marked down to
like, $50!!!

Crazy. I've always got my eye open for deals. If it fits my style, and
it's marked down, I buy. :0

You know, bags are my weakness too. They must be big enough for my big
camera to fit into!


You Canadians are so pushy! (I'm teasing!) I have two goals: one is have a book of my poems published, and i don't mean self-published. The other, well, I'll let ya know if I get there. ;-)

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